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5 Reasons Spring is the Best Time to Paint Your Home in Denver

photo of a Denver home painted by Kind Home Solutions

Spring is the time of year where we all sit down to plan and budget for the year’s projects. Spring promises warmer weather and longer days, but is it a good time of year to paint your house? If you’re considering painting your Denver home, here are our top 5 reasons spring is the best time to paint your home in Denver.

Best Deals Happen in the Spring

The most frequently asked question we receive from clients is “how much will it cost?”. We have a video and an article covering that topic, but it only brings to light the desire we all share––to get a good deal. Everyone wants to get a good deal. Whether you’re buying a car, upgrading your phone, or in our case, purchasing a paint job. Price will always be one of, if not the most important factors. When you paint your home in the spring you’ll see the best prices offered all year. Denver paint companies need to fill gaps in production schedules and get teams back to work after the winter. This creates a win-win situation for both the homeowner and the painting company. If painting isn’t the highest project on your to-do list, prioritizing painting your home in the spring can save you some money in the long run.

Higher Grade Products?

The weather can absolutely be seen as a challenge during the spring, but it’s also a great opportunity for homeowners to upgrade their paint. Paint has a wide range in quality. To combat some of the challenges the weather presents during this time of year, painters typically lean on higher grade paints. These high quality paint products have advanced technology that helps them work in colder temperatures. As a Denver painter, Kind Home Solutions uses and recommends Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore’s top tier products. Their top of the line paint products are phenomenal paints that are great to use year round in the Denver metro area. If you’re working with a painter during the spring and they don’t provide top-tier products, this is a great negotiation point!

Easier time with HOA Color Approval

Photo of some blocks and a miniature house reading HOA
HOA color approval is much faster in the Spring

During the 2020 and 2021 painting season we saw massive delays with HOA color approvals. This can be really frustrating for homeowners and painters. Waiting for color approval can delay a project for months. Painting your home in the spring usually means your HOA will have fewer color requests and can therefore respond quicker. If you have an HOA that already takes a long time then we recommend submitting your colors in winter to get things lined up for painting in the spring.

Beat the summer and fall rush

One thing that we’ve noticed about our Denver clients who paint with us in the spring is how nice they are. It would seem that the further we get into the painting season, the busier and more stressful the season gets. By painting your home in the spring you can really beat the “painting rush” that occurs as more and more people try to get their summer projects completed. You also tend to get more time with your project manager since they’re managing fewer projects. It’s vital to make sure you work with a company that highly values communication. This will ensure you’re kept in the loop if things change due to weather. 

Avoid Paint Shortages

2021 saw a huge paint shortage across all paint brands. This made painting homes really challenging and heavily limited which products were available to clients. Luckily, the winter has given paint suppliers an opportunity to catch up and get their supply restocked. That being said, there is no guarantee that the paint supply chain won’t continue to face challenges in 2022. To avoid any delays or unavailability with paint products we highly recommend painting earlier in the season if possible.

When to Paint Your Home in Denver

From saving money to making progress on your to-do list, there are a ton of benefits to painting your home in the spring. Just like with anything, there are pros and cons to painting at different times throughout the year. If you feel the spring may not be the best time to paint your Denver home then keep an eye out for our takes on each season that we’ll be posting throughout 2022. 

photo of a denver home painted by kind home solutions



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