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How Much Does it Cost to Paint the Exterior of a House in 2022

Every home improvement project starts with budgeting and painting the exterior of your home is no different. We’ve found that all of our Denver paint clients want to know roughly what their paint job will cost even before setting up an estimate. The fact is, how much it costs to paint your home is a moving target with a lot of different contributing factors. The only way to get accurate pricing is to have an estimator inspect your home and provide you with a quote. We always recommend you get more than one bid so you have different options to compare and contrast. Hopefully, this article can act as a starting point and give you get a better idea of how much it costs to paint the exterior of a house in Denver in 2022.

If you live elsewhere in the US, you’ll find that most of this information is still very applicable to the changes we’re seeing in the paint industry.

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Painting Costs Change Year Over Year

Back in 2020 we wrote a similar blog, How Much Does it Cost to Paint a House Exterior? Our goal with that article was to fully breakdown the costs associated with exterior painting and educate Denver homeowners on the ins and outs of paint prices. There are so many factors that contribute to paint costs such as home size, products used, condition of the home, and the list goes on and on. We suggest that you read that blog first to get a basic understanding of paint costs. 

Now, we all know the world is a much different place than it was at the start of 2020 and the home improvement industry has experienced some wild changes. So, our goal with this article is to provide you with an update to paint costs and give you a rundown of all the challenges our industry has seen.

At the time we wrote our previous article we used data from our 2019 paint season. In 2019 we had an average paint price of $4,500 to paint the exterior of a Denver metro home. Looking back at last year’s numbers, we had an average paint price of $5,800. As you can see there has been quite the increase in cost over the past two years. Unfortunately, this trend is going to continue. There is no easy way to put it, the cost to paint the exterior of a house in 2022 is going to increase significantly. Inflation, labor shortages and material shortages are all contributing factors that are causing the cost of exterior painting services to go up.

Inflation, Material Shortages & Labor Shortages 

Photo of a sherwin Williams paint manufacturing technician

There is a lot to unravel and understand in regard to inflation. We’re not economists, we’re painters. So, we’re not going to unbox all of that for you today. However, if you’d like to gain a better understanding of inflation, check out this article here. Inflation is partially a consequence of the other two main factors that are contributing to increased costs in 2022—material and labor shortages. 

As we all know, the pandemic brought people inside their homes to quarantine. This led to many homeowners spending their vacation funds on home improvement projects. The added stimulus package created the perfect opportunity for homeowners to knock out projects on their todo list. In Denver, Colorado one of the most popular and highly needed projects during the pandemic was exterior painting. 

Material Shortages

The painting services demand crept into 2021 and the paint industry is still playing catch up. The added strain from supply chain issues left both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore struggling to attain the raw materials needed to meet the demand. As a painter, we really felt the effects of material shortages. It left most painters running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to find the products they needed! 

All of this has led to some of the highest paint price increases from manufacturers we’ve ever seen. This is definitely something to keep in mind if you are looking to paint your home this year. We expect to continue to see price increases from paint manufacturers throughout the year, which means paint companies like ours need to align our pricing to off-set the spike in material costs. To learn more about raw material shortages in the paint industry, check out this article here

Labor Shortages

Labor shortages have also created a huge strain on the paint industry. Every industry has experienced workforce shortages and the painting industry is no different. The struggle to attain and keep good painters has not been an easy task. In order to properly incentivize the painting labor force, companies have needed to increase their compensation. At Kind Home Solutions it has always been very important for us to work with the most talented and trusted painters in the industry. In order to keep them working for us and provide our clients with top-tier quality work, we’ve had to adjust wages. This in turn, impacts the cost of every paint job. 

To be frank, the earlier you paint your home, the more cost effective it will be. 

A photo of a Kind Home Solutions painter painting the trim of a home

What We Expect Paint Costs to Be in 2022

We expect to see our average paint price for 2022 to be somewhere between $6,200-$6,500. Now, please keep in mind that there are so many different factors that contribute to paint costs! The price to paint your home could fall below or above that average price.

To get a better idea of paint pricing please check out the images below. All of these projects were homes painted in the Denver metro area in 2021. We featured all different types of home models, substrates and scopes of work. Hopefully you can find a home that resembles yours. This is the best way for us to give you a close representation of what you can expect to see. 

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If you are in the Denver area and would like to start budgeting for your paint projects, you can easily schedule an estimate online here

If you’re like most people, the exterior of your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. So it’s important to do your research and understand all the costs associated with painting the exterior of your house. We hope that this article has helped educate you on some of the changes we’re seeing in our industry and what you can expect to see when you get pricing for your paint project. To see more of our work and get inspiration for your paint project, check out our instagram.



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