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House Painting & Home Preservation for Aurora, Colorado

Do you own a home in Aurora, Colorado? We are here to help you learn how to preserve your house for the weather conditions that you find in Aurora. When properly done, house painting and other home maintenance techniques can protect your home from any kind of weather conditions in Aurora. Kind Home Solutions has painted hundreds of homes in Aurora.

On this page you will learn a little background of Aurora and how the weather conditions affect houses and house painting in Aurora, Colorado.

The Background of Aurora, Colorado

  • Latitude: 39.70 N, Longitude: 104.81 W
  • Aurora nicknames or aliases (official or unofficial): Gateway to the Rockies
  • Aurora Daytime population change due to commuting: -26,524 (-7.3%)
  • Workers who live and work in this city: 78,296 (41.8%)
  • Area codes: 303, 720 – Wikipedia

Read more: City Data

Weather Conditions That Damage Your House in Aurora

  • Sun Damage
  • Wind/dirt damage
  • Hail Damage

Sun Damage Affects Aurora House Paint

You can see on the chart to the right of hourly temperatures in Aurora Colorado that the temperature can get high! The temperature in Aurora is higher than average for Colorado cities. Depending on your house’s position, your house could have a even higher temperature in certain areas where the sun is brightest. High temperatures and sun can affect your houses paint job years down the road with sun damage. Surfaces in the direct sunlight can be 10-15 degrees hotter pushing the temperature on your house to over 100 degrees on the hottest months of the year. These areas are typically affected by sun damage and result in extreme fading of your paint. 

House Painting Helps Protect Against Sun Damage

home painting aurora
Completed House Painting In Aurora

First and foremost one of the best ways to protect your home is to have a proper paint job completed. It is possible that a paint job will last for 10+ if done properly. Painting holds your trim and siding together and painting is very important in protecting your house. This will protect the trim and siding from being damaged. A professional paint job is one of the first and foremost ways you can protect your home from the weather in Aurora.

Another aspect of protecting against Aurora’s weather conditions is applying high quality paint after a professional prep job. If you do proper prep work and use high quality paint chances of sun damage are eliminated for years after the paint job is completed. 

At Kind Home Solutions, we value our clients and communication as much as quality. When we meet with you our number one goal is to educate you on the process and the materials that go into creating a long lasting paint job. During this process we will do a deep dive into what goes into the best painting materials to be used in Colorado.

Request a Painting Estimate: Get Your Painting Estimate or give a Kind Home Solutions specialist a call at: 720-370-3063

Wind Damage In Aurora, CO

We all know that wind can cause damage to your home, but did you know that it can also affect the life of your paint? After painting your house there is maintenance that needs to be done to preserve your house. Dirt accumulating on your home will greatly reduce the time that your paint job will last, which will also lead to damage on your siding and trim. Here are some wind statistics for Aurora, Colorado. 

The wind speed in Aurora is higher than the USA average during the summer time. This makes homes that are in Aurora, Colorado more susceptible to dirt accumulation during these times. Siding/roof damage by debris and tree limbs is also more likely. 

Wind Damage Solutions

There are easy solutions for protecting your house from dirt and debris. A simple power wash once a year can drastically improve the life of your house paint. A professional power wash will clear the dirt and debris to the point where you won’t have too much accumulating. Too much accumulation will start creating cracks in the paint, and the paint will start chipping much faster than you might have anticipated. A yearly power wash will ensure that your house will never accumulate too much dirt and debris to the point where it affects the life of your house paint.

Learn how to get a power wash maintenance plan yearly from Kind Home Solutions: Call 720-370-3063 

Hail Damage in Aurora, CO

Aurora, Colorado has its fair share of hail storms and this is one of the biggest concerns in the preservation of your house. Hail storms have increased in the past 6 years in Aurora, and according to CSU, this is a trend that is going to continue. The siding and your roof are the most vulnerable parts of your house of your house that get damaged during a hail storm.

  Hail Damage Reports for Aurora, Colorado

Hail statistics in aurora related to exterior house painting.
Hail statistics in aurora  for the past 15 years related to exterior house painting.
Hail statistics in aurora for the past 3 years related to exterior house painting.

Hail Damage Solutions

Routine roof inspections will reduce the risk of having to replace your roof after a hailstorm. If it is not inspected regularly; this drastically increases the risk of having to replace your roof after a hailstorm. Fortunately, if you have insurance, you will be able to do so if you are hit with a bad hailstorm.

Routine gutter maintenance is also advised. Cleaning out your gutters regularly will also protect your house from getting damage on trim and siding from water leaks etc.

Kind Home Solutions offers inspections and does work with insurance companies.