Our Team

It’s our opinion that the best way to do business is to find people that love what they do.  It takes a team of passionate, talented, and driven individuals to make your home dreams come true.  We’re so proud of our team and our combined experience of over 75 years in the industry.

Tom Carmichael
Sales & Production Manager

Tom’s Cell: (720) 585-7113

I’m born and raised in Colorado. My passion is spending time with my son Oliver and my wife Liz.  In my free time I brew beer, make wine and love to go camping, hiking and hunting… WATCH TOM’S BIO VIDEO

Treven Crist
Senior Estimator

Treven’s Cell: (720) 681-8818

I was born in Texas and after graduating from Texas Tech University in 2004 I moved to Fort Collins Colorado. For the last 15 years I have called Colorado home… WATCH TREVEN’S BIO VIDEO

Brian Strubbe
Senior Estimator

Brian’s Cell: (720) 839-7242

I’m another of the many Midwest transplants taking advantage of beautiful Colorado.  I grew up just south of Chicago, but fell in love with the weather, people… WATCH BRIAN’S BIO VIDEO

Danielle Utzinger
Senior Estimator

Danielle’s Cell: (720)-984-3244

I was born and raised in Colorado and can’t imagine calling anywhere else home! I love living in a place with so much sunshine and diversity in people and in activities… WATCH DANIELLE’S BIO VIDEO

Justin Micone

Justin’s Cell: (720) 253-8950

Hi, I’m Justin! I grew up in Denver and have lived here for most of my life. I would say my favorite food/place to eat in the Denver area is… READ MORE

Hunter Logan

Hunter’s Cell: (720) 255-6846

My mother and father raised me and my two sisters (I’m a triplet!) in Wilton, CT. I packed up my belongings and moved to Colorado in 2012 to enjoy the mountains and to attend at the University of Denver where I studiedREAD MORE

Ryota Nishimura

Ryota’s Cell: (720) 681-8817

I’m originally from New York but moved out to Colorado in 2013.  I’ve been in the home service industry for the past 6 years and love working one on one with… WATCH RYOTA’S BIO VIDEO

Austin Wilcox

Austin’s Cell: (720) 585-8712

I am originally from Indiana but as soon as I made it out to Colorado, I knew I’d found my new home.  I’ve been in the painting industry for the last 5 years as a … WATCH AUSTIN’S BIO VIDEO

Sean Onasch

Sean’s Cell: (720) 989-5866

I was born and raised in Michigan but have found Colorado to be my home for the past 9 years. In my free time, I enjoy rock climbing, cooking and going on new adventures with my Pups…  READ MORE

Nathan Jack
Inside Sales Rep

Nathan’s Cell: (720) 780-7921

Hi, I’m Nathan! I’m originally from Rapid City, South Dakota, but ended up spending the majority of my youth in South Bend, Indiana… READ MORE

Matt Shyra
Project Manager

Matt’s Cell: (720) 982-3264

I was born and raised in Denver. Moved away when I was 18 for 8 years and just moved back in March. I have been in the industry about 3 years now. What drew…WATCH MATT’S BIO VIDEO

Ari Davis
Project Manager

Ari’s Cell: (720) 989-5866

I’m from Boston and I recently moved to Colorado to take advantage of all the beauty this state has to offer… READ MORE 

Phillip Nguyen
Project Manager

Phillip’s Cell: (720) 253-6384

I was born in Orange County, California and moved to Colorado in 2001. My parents found a better opportunity here in beautiful Colorado and… READ MORE

Lindsay Johnson
Project Manager

Lindsay’s Cell: (720) 252-9869

I was born in Omaha, NE and I’ve been in Colorado for five years. I am part of an amazing family of six. In my free time I love to ski, golf, camp, kickbox, cook, play softball and…WATCH LINDSAY’S BIO VIDEO

Brad Drotar
Project Manager

Brad’s Cell: (720) 988-9467

I’m from Maryland and just moved to Colorado! I was drawn to Kind Home because of how the company treats their employees and clients... READ MORE

Keith Parker
Project Manager

Parker’s Cell: (720) 233-3664

I’m from Golden, CO, born and raised! What’s kept me here over the years is not only the amount of sunshine we get, but also the over abundance of… READ MORE

Eric La
Project Manager

Eric’s Cell: (720) 828-1572

I was born and raised in Colorado so I love snowboarding, visiting local lakes, golfing, and hiking as much as possible. I’ve been in the industry for the last 3 years and I love helping my clients enjoy their home again… WATCH ERIC’S BIO VIDEO

Chris Griffey
Paint Specialist

Chris’s Cell: (720) 828-9395

I’m a Colorado native and I’ve been with my wife, Anastasia for 20 years since high school. We have 3 kiddos – a boy, Aryas and 2 girls, Anessa and Alianna… READ MORE

Benjamin Vazquez
Paint Specialist

Benjamin’s Cell: (720) 236-3535

I was born and raised in Colorado and I’ve been painting since my freshman year in high school. After working for an HVAC company for 2 years, I returned to the paint industry and have been… READ MORE

Emily Rhodes
Account Manager

Emily’s Desk: (720) 773-8341

Hi, I’m Emily! I was born in Denver, CO and have also lived in Bryne, Norway. I decided to move back to Colorado to be closer to my Mom. I also missed the… READ MORE

Morgan Davis
Account Manager

Morgan Davis (720) 704-6036

I was born and raised in Lakewood, Colorado! I have been in the paint industry for 3 years working at Sherwin Williams, but I’m brand new to this side of the painting business... READ MORE

Katie Santangelo
Account Manager

Katie’s Desk (720) 598-0753

Originally from New York, my family moved to south Florida when I was five years old where I continued to live all the way through my college years. I am the youngest of three children … Watch Katie’s Bio Video

Travis Volts
Account Manager

Travis’s Desk (720) 773-8943

Coming soon…

Lauren Jeffrey
Account Manager

Lauren’s Desk: (720) 826-8304 

I’m a Colorado native and grew up in the Littleton/Denver area. I was drawn to Kind Home because of the message the company spreads and what they stand for… READ MORE

Joseph Bartel
Head of Preliminary Services

Josephs’ Cell: (720) 988-5427

I am an Oklahoma native residing in Colorado, new to the Denver area. Joining Kind Home Solutions has been multifaceted opportunity, for which I am grateful … READ MORE

Corey Morgan
Marketing Director & Videographer

Corey’s Cell: (720) 828-1571

Hi, there! I moved to Colorado in 2015 after graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Film & Media. I’m currently engaged to my beautiful fiancé… READ MORE

Yasmine Kot
Color Specialist

Yasmine’s Cell: (720) 840-5306

I am originally from Tucson, Arizona but fell in love with Colorado when I visited early 2020 with my fiancé Cameron. We are big skiers and adventurers, so… READ MORE

Lexi Thompson
Color Specialist

Lexi’s Cell: (720) 253-4653

The mountains, music, and friends are what brought me from Park City, Indiana to colorful Colorado! I’ve been in the painting industry for two years and what I really love about my position is the flexibility, creativity, and the opportunity to help people… READ MORE

Kyle Larson
Prliminary Service Technician

Kyle’s Cell: (720) 318-7121

I’m originally from Texas but family brought me out to Colorado and I don’t think I’d ever go back.  I enjoy my position because it offers a lot of variety because each day is different and I get to work with a lot of our clients and make this an enjoyable experience for the them…

Whitney Sutton
Operations Manager

Whitney’s Desk: (720) 504-3257

I’m originally from Texas and have been in the home improvement industry for the past 6 years.  After working with thousands of clients and seeing the struggles… WATCH WHITNEY’S BIO VIDEO

Teddy Boi
Chief Canine Officer

Hi! I’m Teddy and I’m the Kind Home Solutions official office good boy. I was originally born in Arkansas, but I’ve been in Colorado for … READ MORE

Michael Sutton
Founder and President

Michael’s Cell: (720) 318-9400

I’m an Indiana native who transplanted to Colorado 10 years ago to take advantage of the 300+ sunny days a year that this wonderful place offers… WATCH MICHAEL’S BIO VIDEO