Our Team

It’s our opinion that the best way to do business is to find people that love what they do.  It takes a team of passionate, talented, and driven individuals to make your home dreams come true.  We’re so proud of our team and our combined experience of over 75 years in the industry.

Tom Carmichael
Lead Estimator/Sales Manager

Tom’s Cell: (720) 585-7113

I’m born and raised in Colorado. My passion is spending time with my son Oliver and my wife Liz.  In my free time I brew beer, make wine and love to go camping, hiking and hunting… Read More

Treven Crist

Treven’s Cell: (720) 681-8818

I was born in Texas and after graduating from Texas Tech University in 2004 I moved to Fort Collins Colorado. For the last 15 years I have called Colorado home… Read More

Brian Strubbe

Brian’s Cell: (720) 839-7242

I’m another of the many Midwest transplants taking advantage of beautiful Colorado.  I grew up just south of Chicago, but fell in love with the weather, people… READ MORE

Danielle Utzinger

Danielle’s Cell: (720) 822-5221

I was born and raised in Colorado and can’t imagine calling anywhere else home! I love living in a place with so much sunshine and diversity in people and in activities… READ MORE

Matt Shyra
Project Supervisor

Matt’s Cell: (720) 982-3264

I was born and raised in Denver. Moved away when I was 18 for 8 years and just moved back in March. I have been in the industry about 3 years now. What drew…READ MORE

Chris Smart
Project Supervisor

Chris’s Cell: (720) 252-9869

I’m originally from Baton Rouge but the call of the mountains has landed me here in Colorado.  I love an active lifestyle and try to take advantage of all the activities so close to home…. READ MORE

Keith Cone
Project Supervisor

Keith’s Cell: (720) 828-1572

I’m originally from Illinois and I moved out to Denver with 13 of my closest friends in what we call The Mass Migration.  Painting is in my blood and I come from… READ MORE

Jeremy Berthelot
Project Supervisor

Jeremy’s Cell: (720) 989-5866

I’m originally from Baton Rouge. Colorado has become my second home. I fell in love with this beautiful state 10 years ago on my first visit.  I have been in the … 

Austin Wilcox
Project Supervisor

Austin’s Cell: (720) 585-8712

I am originally from Indiana but as soon as I made it out to Colorado, I knew I’d found my new home.  I’ve been in the painting industry for the last 5 years as a … READ MORE

Aric Wauzzinski
Client Account Manager

Aric’s Phone Number 720-773-8943

I am originally from Spokane, Washington but have called Colorado home since 2011. My family includes my older (and wiser) siser Sharon and my awesome … READ MORE

Emily Hiestand
Client Account Manager

Emily’s Desk: (720) 773-8341

I was born and raised in Murdock, Nebraska; I grew up on ranch.  I actually came to Colorado because of my husband’s job, he’s a coach for the Denver Broncos! … READ MORE

Whitney Sutton
Operations Manager

Whitney’s Desk: (720) 504-3257

I’m originally from Texas and have been in the home improvement industry for the past 6 years.  After working with thousands of clients and seeing the struggles… READ MORE

Corey Morgan
Field Marketing Manager

Corey’s Cell: (720) 828-1571

I’m passionate about helping others and love working with people that want to make a difference. Working at Kind Home Solutions allows me to do this … READ MORE

Joseph Bartel
Field Representative

I am an Oklahoma native residing in Colorado, new to the Denver area. Joining Kind Home Solutions has been multifaceted opportunity, for which I am grateful … READ MORE

Teddy Boi
Office Good Boi

Hi! I’m Teddy and I’m the Kind Home Solutions official office good boy. I was originally born in Arkansas, but I’ve been in Colorado for … READ MORE

Ryota Nishimura
Director of Construction Services

Ryota’s Cell: (720) 681-8817

I’m originally from New York but moved out to Colorado in 2013.  I’ve been in the home service industry for the past 6 years and love working one on one with… READ MORE

Michael Sutton
Founder and President

Michael’s Cell: (720) 318-9400

I’m an Indiana native who transplanted to Colorado 10 years ago to take advantage of the 300+ sunny days a year that this wonderful place offers… READ MORE