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Interior painting is a great and affordable way to update and refresh your space to make it your own.  The Kind team is here to help make your dreams come true with outstanding customer support, quality, and industry leading warranty.

Our 6-Point Paint Process

You want to do what’s best for your home so we do too.  If you’ve ever painted a room you know how tricky interiors can be. Our 6 point process allows us to get your interior house painting project taken care of efficiently while maintaining the highest quality with our interior painters.

Small Interior Painter

Need Help with A Small, One-Day Painting Project?  We’ve Got You!

Our Painter for A Day Program is perfect for smaller interior painting projects.  Our flat rate painter can help tackle things like painting a bedroom, bathroom, accent walls, and more.

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Keys to Flawless Painted Interiors

Many homeowners have become increasingly concerned with the inconvenience and hazard interior painting can cause.  Interior work is not only a disruption to your life you also have to concern yourself with the harmful effects of VOC’s.  The completed project looks amazing but the hassle to get there is a real challenge for most homeowners.  Kind Home Solutions set out to find a way to ease these concerns and reduce the risk for you and your family so, we use only the best products that meet our strict criteria for quality paint.

When looking for the best possible product for your interior house painting project there are four key elements you should consider to make the best choice for your family and your home.  These include VOC’s, coverage, color, and durability.  Find greater detail about each of these elements below.

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You might be thinking that the quality of your interior paint doesn’t matter much because it’s not outside battling the elements.  Unfortunately, this is a common misconception.  Just like with exterior paint it’s better to utilize a thicker, highly pigmented product on the interior as this will lead to a richer and more even application.


The interior of your home may not face the rain, snow, or sun but it has to stand up to everyday wear and tear.  Whether you’re constantly moving furniture, have kiddos that can’t help but touch, or pets that don’t have quite as much respect for the dining room as you would hope; your interior should be well protected.  When it comes to selecting your interior paint you’ll want to look for a product that has a little bit of sheen (we recommend eggshell) and is water resistant as this will make things easier to clean and increase the life of your paint job.

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Our Kind Home Guarantee

Paint you’ll love for years to come

Our interior painting is made to last with top of the line products and a paint process that utilizes the best techniques for interiors.  Our interior painters are committed to your satisfaction so every interior paint project comes with a one-of-a-kind warranty.

  • Workmanship Warranty
  • Top of the Line Products
  • Personal Color Consultation
  • Six Point Painting Process
  • Stand out Customer Service
  • Great Interior House Painters

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