House Painting FAQs

There are no silly questions here.  If you have a question that isn’t addressed on this page give us a call and we’ll be sure to answer it for you.

Where can I submit my paint colors?

Please fill out our online Color Release Form. For Exterior Colors click HERE.  For Interior Colors click HERE.  For further assistance contact your Client Account Manager.

Are your estimates free?

Of course!  Our estimates are completely free, no obligation.

What are your exterior paint warranties?

We have three different options for our exterior painting warranties so we’re confident there’s one to suit your needs.  Our exterior warranties cover everything except natural disasters and you can choose from our silver 8, gold 10, or platinum 12 warranties.

Is Kind Home Solutions insured?

Kind Home Solutions is fully insured as are all of our painters and installers.

Are you local to Colorado?

We are a proud, locally owned Colorado company based right here in Denver.  Colorado has been an inspiration to us and we consider our impact on this great state with every decision we make, from our products to our work with local communities.

How long does exterior production take?

Typically exteriors are produced in about 2-3 days, weather dependant.

Can you also do my woodwork and gutters?

We’re a one stop shop for your exteriors.  We have outstanding woodwork and gutter guys that are ready to prep your home before we come in to paint.  We can get you an estimate for everything while we’re out there.

Which paints do you use?

Every project is different however, we exclusively use top of the line Benjamin Moore products as they are the most environmentally responsible products available and they were designed for our unique climate and weather.

Can you submit colors to my HOA for me?

Unfortunately, most HOAs want to work with homeowners directly however, we’ll help in anyway we can.  Not sure where to start?  Speak to one of our estimators and they’ll walk you through the HOA process.  You can also call your HOA directly or visit their website for more information on their color approval process. 

What is a VOC?

VOCs, or volatile organic compounds are found in many manufactured products that you use in your home everyday.  This is one of the reasons the air indoors is 10x more polluted than the air outside. We use interior products that are zero VOC and exterior paint that is low VOC, both of which go through rigorous testing.

What is the difference between one coat and two coats?

Industry wide there can be a lot of confusion about one coat vs. two coats.  We want to give you the best understanding we can of what we’re offering.  Schedule your free estimate and discuss the Kind Homes difference with one of our expert estimators.

I have hail damage, can you work with insurance?

Absolutely, we have years of experience working with insurance to ensure your home is fully restored after a storm.  Give your insurance a call after a storm so you can have an adjuster come out and we’ll schedule a time to have an estimator take an independent look at the damage.

Do you help with color selection?

We’ve worked closely with Benjamin Moore to provide you with an amazing color selection for your home.  We have a lot of color tools and our estimators are more than happy to help with the color selection process.  Check out more of our color selection tools on our exterior and interior pages.

What does your warranty cover?

We believe in creating paint jobs that will last.  Our interior warranty covers all workmanship so that means any bubbling, peeling, etc.  You have quite a few options for our exterior warranty however, they cover almost everything including fading, bubbling, peeling, and cracking.

What’s not covered?  Acts of God or natural disasters.  Basically we’ll work with your insurance company for any hail, wind, or natural disaster damage.