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Our Littleton Interior Painting Services for Your Home

Kind Home Solutions painting jobs are done using only superior materials and tools. Achieve your dream home with the right interior painting service in Littleton, Colorado.

Whether you just moved into your new home or recently built one and need a new coat of paint, we will give it the best quality of paint. Our team uses refined paint-bonding techniques assuring you that whatever surface material you have in your home interior, you will expect new paint that will last for years.

Our painting services for home interiors include painting rooms such as:

  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Dining rooms
  • Closets
  • Pantries
  • Basements
  • Nurseries
  • Play rooms
  • Entryways
  • Garage
  • Entertainment rooms
  • Game rooms
  • Music rooms
  • Library

How Our Interior Painting Works

Interior painting is one of our expertise.  We have painters who can brighten the mood of every person who will enter your home in Littleton.  We understand that painting different surfaces inside a home is not an easy job to do.

There is more than just applying paint.  A successful painting job also requires careful planning, understanding the overall design and color scheme of the house, and selection of quality paint that will suit and bond to the substrate. We work closely with every client to understand their painting needs so we can deliver a satisfactory painting job.

Our expert painters follow a 6-point painting process for every residential Littleton painting service.  This process allows our team to efficiently carry out any interior home painting job.

STEP 1: FREE Estimates

All our painting projects for home interiors begin with a free consultation where our painting estimator will work with you to understand your vision. You will be given a fair and detailed estimate of the interior painting project after the assessment.

STEP 2: Color Consultation

We understand that the paint colors you decide on should be an expression of your style, but still maintain functionality. Our painting estimator will discuss with you color options to select the perfect color for your home. If you need further assistance selecting your colors, we will provide you with a color consultation. Our color consultants are certified color experts. They will help you narrow down and finalize your colors with confidence.

STEP 3: Walk Through

We will assign a personal Quality Control Supervisor for you to walk you through the entire painting project. They are there every step of the way to manage your paint project and make sure you understand every detail along the way. If there are any hiccups in your paint production, they are there to take care of it and make sure you are satisfied.

STEP 4: Interior House Painting Prep

Our interior painters will prepare your home for the painting project. We always perform intensive prep for all of our interior painting projects. Prep is the most important part of any painting job. Our painters will meticulously caulk prior to painting and mask, cover and protect any and all surfaces and furniture. They will also repair any damaged walls or imperfections prior to painting.

STEP 5: Application

We apply new paint to your home interior with the best techniques and practices in the painting industry. We spray all of our interiors to give you a clean, professional application. You are assured of a painting job with a clean and flawless finish.

STEP 6: Clean Up & Inspection

Once the painting project is done for your home’s interior, our crew will do a thorough clean up of every space in your home where the painting work was done.

We will do a final inspection of your home once the job is complete. This provides you with an opportunity to spot any issues or imperfections. Our Project Manager and painters will resolve any issues that may arise. You don’t pay a dime until you are fully satisfied.

We want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the interior house painting services.  Hence, we do a final inspection of your home so that we can resolve any concerns you have with the painting service.

Importance of Hiring Professional Painters

  • Reduce the risk for you and your family for the concerns and inconveniences of painting.
  • You are assured that the paint used is only the best product in the industry.  We make sure that every paint we use meets our strict criteria for quality paint.
  • More even application on any surface in your home’s interior for painting needs.
  • We give you the best quality paint that provides additional protection but is also easy to clean and will last long.
  • We are painting experts who use interior paint that has low to zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that is safer for you and your family.

How Much is the Painting Service?

We always get a star rating from our clients for the quality of our painting services.  We provide workmanship warranty with the cost that you have to pay for the painting job of your residential interior.

The cost estimate will largely depend on the area that needs painting (walls, ceiling, furniture, doors, etc.).  The average costs of painting jobs for residential painting are:

  • Walls:  Area x $1.25 – $1.50/sq ft
  • Ceilings:  Area x $1.25 – $1.50/sq ft
  • Trim:  Area x $1.75 – $2.25/ LF (linear footage)
  • Doors: $50 (Average)

The price per unit can still be adjusted depending on the size of the painting job.  This means that the more area that needs painting, the less it may cost.

There are also other factors that can adjust the cost of residential painting like repairs, the need to remove popcorn, cabinets, among others.  We will thoroughly discuss every detail of the cost for the painting job you need and give you an estimate.

What is Included in Our Residential and Commercial Painting Services

With every interior home painting service in Littleton, you get a free consultation.

You can ask any question regarding the painting process and the materials and quality of paint that we use.  Our painting services also include free daily clean up of the site during the entire painting process.  We make sure that we leave your home cleaner than we found it.

Littleton House Painting Services Made Right

Wherever your location in Littleton, we can brighten your home with a fresh coat of paint in your home’s interior.  Allow us to provide you with different quotes and work at your most convenient time.

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