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Month: January 2020

Free Painting Giveaway

Here at Kind Home Solutions, we believe in being kind, so much so that it’s part of our name! In fact, that is part of our company’s core values. Being kind means different things to people, but we believe that a big part of being kind is giving back! We give back to our community… Continue reading Free Painting Giveaway

Save Money With Our 15% Off Interior Painting Special

Interior Painting Special – 15% Off for February and March We’ve got a few spots left for interior painting in the months of February and March and we thought what better way to fill those spots than offer a special to the clients we care so much about!  This special is open to new and… Continue reading Save Money With Our 15% Off Interior Painting Special

Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Winter is in full swing, and the snow is flying. The house projects from summer are over, and everyone is settled into the freezing cold, snuggled by a fire with their hot cocoa. But… is your house prepared for the cold temps and weather that comes along with it? House maintenance and protection aren’t just… Continue reading Winter Home Maintenance Tips

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