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5 Signs It’s Time To Repaint Your Interior Walls & Trim

photo of a nice entryway of a home

The need to paint your interior can really sneak up on you. People typically don’t notice that it’s time to repaint until it gets to a point where everyone can see that it’s time to repaint.  As we start this new year, a lot of us have the goal of being more proactive. Staying on top of your home maintenance projects, like interior painting, can help you avoid larger costly repairs down the road. In the spirit of addressing issues head on, we’ve got 5 signs it’s time to repaint your interior walls and trim.

When to Repaint Your Interior

     1. Trim Wear and Tear

A real estate agent once told us that you should always look at the baseboards of a house to determine how it was taken care of. If the baseboards are dingy, dirty, or not well maintained then the rest of the house probably wasn’t either. The truth is, trim tends to be where paint fails first because of the wear and tear it sees year after year. If you look at the trim around your home right now you might see raw edges, chips, scuffs, and a lot of dirt that can break down the protective coating. Be sure to inspect other areas along with your baseboards like in the kitchen and around doors where traffic is high.

If your trim boards have seen better days you have a couple of options. You can either repaint just the trim to breathe a little life into it or you can repaint everything. Painting just your trim can make your walls look quite dingy in comparison, so be sure to check out the following tips before making any decisions.

    photo of a painter patching up a wall2. Walls That Need Patching

We all have wall patches. They’re usually the aftermath of trying to hang new artwork, photos or shelves. Sometimes you can get away with hiding these blemishes, but if you have wall patching or holes that need to be repaired then it is absolutely time to paint. If your walls need to be repaired it doesn’t necessarily mean your entire home needs to be painted.  If you have a room or wall that has some patching needed you can often get away with painting just that room or even a single wall. Just be wary of fading. If you haven’t painted within the last two years it might be best to repaint all of the walls for color continuity. 

     3. Fading Paint Color 

We all know exterior paint fades, but we often don’t think about the paint inside our homes fading. The fact is, the interior paint on the walls and trim of your home will fade as well. This is especially true for rooms with south or west facing windows that take in a lot of sunlight. Choosing lighter paint colors can be really helpful to combat fading paint, but it’s not always easy to tell when your paint has faded. Obviously, if the color looks different than when you first painted then it’s likely faded. But there’s another great way to check––take some of the artwork or pictures off your wall and see if there is any discoloration on the walls. If your paint has faded you can easily fix this with a fresh coat. 

     4. Wall Stains You Can’t Clean

Just like any surface, paint has the ability to become stained over time. If you’ve got stains that you can’t seem to clean no matter what you use then a new layer of paint might be just what you need. Do a thorough inspection of high traffic areas like kitchens, bathrooms, game rooms, and kids rooms. These spaces tend to get smudges, marks, and fingerprints easily, which can make the space look unmaintained. If this is an issue you battle with constantly because of your kids or pets then we highly recommend upgrading your paint to a product like Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane. This paint contains stain-fighting technology that will help keep your paint looking fresh and clean!

a photo of blue walls with mud stains
Walls stains from dirt, fingerprints, liquids, etc. eventually become impossible to simply clean

     5. Clashing Colors

One of the number one reasons people paint is to change their paint colors. This might seem like a trivial reason to paint your interior but if you’re looking around and hate your paint colors then you aren’t creating a comfortable space. Your home is a reflection of you, and your paint colors play a huge role in creating a “feeling” within a space. If you don’t feel confident choosing your own colors then you should absolutely explore hiring a color consultant. Professional color consultants are different from interior designers as they focus solely on colors and are often much more inexpensive. If you decide to work with Kind Home Solutions for your interior paint project, you will have access to a professional color consultant who will come do an in-person consultation to help you pick out a cohesive color palette.

In the spirit of the new year, let’s all make a conscious effort to check these projects off our to-do list and protect our homes. Homes are often our largest investment and staying on top of maintenance allows you to protect that investment and enjoy your home to its fullest while you’re there. For more interior painting inspiration be sure to follow us over on Pinterest!



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