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What to Expect When Working With the Best Denver Painter

Working with the Best Denver Painter? What to Expect

We pride ourselves on our sterling reputation and we’re here to let you in on the secret that makes us one of the best Denver painters…It’s our process! Becoming one of the most highly ranked and best known Denver painters in the area has taken dedication and commitment, but it’s been well worth it to see the smiles on our happy clients faces. We’re thrilled to share more about what to expect when working with one of the best Denver painters and our curated client experience!

Whether it’s an exterior or interior painting project, everyone wants to work with the best painter in Denver. One of the concerns we hear from potential clients is that they’re genuinely afraid they’ll make the wrong decision when choosing their painter. This might sound a little dramatic, but when you consider the reputation the painting industry has, finding a high quality and highly rated Denver painter can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to know what to ask or what to look for to ensure you are working with a trustworthy painter and not a “sloppy Joe”. Choosing the right Denver painter can make for an incredible and supportive experience. A “bad” painter can lead to stress, headache, money down the drain, and even tears.  

5-Star Denver Painter

The first step in the client experience may actually be happening right now, as you read this. Our client experience begins when you’re introduced to our company and our team.  We’ve worked hard to become one of the best Denver painters in the state and this shows through our reputation online and within the Denver community. Denver painters really need to be respectful of the history of Colorado homes and the safety measures they require. Most Denver homes were built before 1978, some even over 100 years old now.  This means they can be highly intricate, extremely complex, and working on them can be a challenge for many Denver painters.  

Photo of a denver home painted by kind home solutions
Denver homes can be complex as you can see from this home painted by Kind Home Solutions.

If you want to make sure you’re choosing to work with the best Denver painter out there, be sure to do your due diligence. Do your research online and look at multiple platforms to get a general feel for each companies online presence. Check out this article in which Kind Home Solutions was selected as one of the Best Denver Painters by Use this list of phenomenal painters to start your research for the Denver painter that suits your needs.

The best Denver painters will have mostly 5-star reviews and a pretty significant number of them. Look for companies with upwards of 50 reviews online and don’t be afraid to ask for photos of their work. As we’ve mentioned, these homes require a much higher level of craftsmanship than standard suburban homes. You should expect a great Denver painter to have experience working on this style of home.

Communication is Key

The painting industry has a terrible reputation for bad communication. Painters don’t show up, they won’t call back, they don’t communicate changes or problems…the list goes on and on. When Kind Home Solutions set out to be one of the best Denver painters we knew that our communication with clients had to be our main priority. Over the years, we have solidified ourselves as a customer-centric Denver painting company. By investing in the right people and the best tools for client communication, we’ve managed to distance ourselves from the tired rep the painting industry has acquired.

photo of kind home solutions client account manager on the phone

When working with Kind Home Solutions, Denver homeowners should expect frequent and clear communication with each team member. This is consistent throughout your entire project. From initial contact with the office to filing a warranty claim years down the road, we commit to thorough and respectful communication. We offer clients a variety of communication options to make sure they are always on the same page with their painting project. Our Denver paint clients can expect text notifications, email alerts, and phone call updates and reminders to keep their painting project on track. We also offer many of our services online. You can schedule a consultation at your convenience with minimal team interaction, so there’s really something for everyone.

The Best Denver Painters Own Their Mistakes

This one is a little controversial, but it’s a core practice for our team—integrity. One of the scariest parts of working with a Denver paint contractor is the unknown…what happens when something goes wrong? As much as we plan and prep with our team and clients, things happen. What sets Kind Home Solutions apart from some of the other Denver painters is our commitment to make things right. We call the company Kind Home Solutions because we aim to lead with kindness. We strive to find solutions that work for us and our clients. This does require more from us as a company, but we’re happy to make that additional effort. We want all of our clients to feel they made the right decision and chose the best Denver painter that they could. 

It can be difficult to know which Denver painter will follow through on this kind of commitment, but there are a couple things to look for. First, always ask for a very clear understanding of their guarantee and warranty. Kind Home Solutions has a satisfaction guarantee with no deposit. We also offer the industry’s best warranties with 10 and 12 year no-exclusions options. A Denver painter that has a warranty featuring a huge list of exclusions or limitations, proceed with caution. Furthermore, if their warranty only spans a few years then you should really ask yourself whether they feel like the best option.  

At the end of the day, you have to listen to your gut. This can be difficult early in the process when you’ve only met with an estimator. So, we would encourage you to think about how the entire company feels. Consider their online presence, their office team, and any consultants you meet with. If only one of those things feels right, but the other two seem a little off, you may not have the best Denver painter. You should expect your painter to check all three boxes and leave you with a sense of security.

Denver painting project by kind home solutions with warranty badge

Denver’s Best Painters – Kind Home Solutions

We really hope this helps you find your best Denver painter. Finding a paint contractor that cares about you and your home and has designed their processes around that will usually lead to a much better experience. Be sure to follow us on facebook for more help finding the best painters in Denver. Furthermore, you can check out this other article we wrote about several painters we recommend. Keep it KIND!



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