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Answering Your Holiday Light Questions

Holiday light season is in full swing, so we are taking this opportunity to answer your most burning holiday light questions. From the products we use, to how long it takes, to warranty claims; we break it all down. We love this time of year and the opportunity to brighten up the Denver area with some holiday cheer! If you want to learn more about professional holiday lights, keep reading!

What Kind of Lights Do You Offer?

This is a great question to ask your local holiday light installer because the type of lights used can have a big impact on the overall look of your light display. We aim to give the biggest bang for your buck, so we exclusively use commercial quality wiring, bulbs, and equipment. Commercial lights are much brighter than store bought lights, so you will absolutely blow your neighbor’s lights out of the water.  

As far as sizing goes, we use C9 and MM5 lights to achieve the desired look. C9’s are the larger bulbs used for rooflines and trees. The spacing for C9s varies depending on the area and desired impact. We use either 12 inch or 18 inch spacing for the rooflines. When it comes to trees we use 36 inch spacing, which creates the illusion of floating flights. Each bulb is individually installed so color combinations can be completely customized. MM5s are the light strands that we use to wrap columns, tree trunks, and bushes. Each lighting company is different so be sure to confirm with your installer.

Photo of professional holiday lights on a roofline by kind home solutions

What Colors Do You Offer? 

Color Options vary depending on the time of the season and what we have in stock. We typically always have warm white, red, green, blue, and traditional multicolors. The 2021 season has seen some product availability issues, so for a full breakdown be sure to read our previous article.

Do You Offer Any Novelty Lights?

Some clients are looking for more than the typical lights. This can mean anything from icicle lights, snowflakes, “moving” lights, reindeer, and inflatables. At this time, Kind Home Solutions does not offer any novelty lighting or labor for such services. You can however, integrate your own lights into the light system. We are more than happy to cut in a plug for you to use to do so.

How Does it Work?

This may be our most asked holiday lighting question and for a good reason.  If this is your first time to have professional holiday lights installed then you might be wondering how it all works. Our system is simple, but it takes a village to make it come together.

After you’ve received your quote and approved your holiday light design then our office team will schedule a week for installation. As we get closer to your installation, you’ll receive an email letting you know which day we plan to be out. We know how busy you are, so you’re not required to be home during the installation. Our team will arrive and get to work building your custom display. All of our lights are hand cut to fit your home perfectly which means there will be no gaps or long strands leftover. Installation typically takes anywhere from 30 minutes to half a day depending on the scope of your project.  

Once your lights have been installed, the team will set your timer (more on that below) and your system will be good to go for the holiday season!

What Happens if A Light Breaks or Goes Out?

Lights are not impervious to breakage. That’s life and things happen, but luckily you have professional lights and Kind Home Solutions is here to help. If you experience any issues with your lights, just call our office at (720) 370-3063. A team member will be happy to help schedule a technician to come out and take care of whatever issues you are experiencing. It’s always very helpful if you take some photos of the issue around dusk and send them to us. Photos make it very easy to identify and address your issue or concerns. 

Some of the most common problems with holiday lights that we see are lights blown down by the wind, squirrels chewing through wiring, or a bulb or strand out. Luckily, these are usually simple enough to address. The best part is, all warranties are completed at no additional cost for you. Since we lease our lights out, you are not responsible for any costs associated with warranty claims. 

Photo of professional holiday lights on a roofline by kind home solutions

How Do I Adjust My Timer?

Most of our timers are photovoltaic, which means they’ll automatically come on as the sun goes down. Our technicians typically set your lights to go off after about 5 hours, typically around 10:00 pm or so, but you can easily adjust this on your own. Simply turn the dial to your preferred time.  This typically looks like 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, or dusk/dawn which will keep your lights on all night. To turn your lights off manually you can turn the dial to OFF or unplug the lights all together.

How Much Do Professional Holiday Lights Cost?

Holiday light installation is considered a luxury service, which means you don’t need to do it to maintain your home. Your home, roof slope, and the difficulty of the installation all factor into your pricing. It’s not one size fits all. Most projects range between $1,000 and $4,000, but for more information on cost check out our previous lighting article. To keep things cost effective we recommend starting with your roofline and going from there. Trees tend to add the most cost because of their difficulty and size.

Do You Take the Lights Down?

Each company is different, but Kind Home Solutions focuses on full service home projects so we do take care of takedown as well. This typically happens sometime in January or early February depending on availability.

Where Are the Lights Stored?

Storing all of your holiday lighting can be a pain. We have a temperature controlled storage facility where we will store your lights until the holiday light season.

When Do You Stop Installing Christmas Lights?

Time is of the essence when it comes to professional holiday light installations. Our installs typically begin as early as the last week of October and we’ll wrap things up the first week of December. Keep in mind, availability is limited to inventory so it’s important to get an estimate and get scheduled as soon as possible to reserve your spot. Most companies will be booked out for the season by the week of Thanksgiving. So, be sure to confirm availability when you schedule an estimate. For more information fill out our contact form today!



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