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When is the Best Time to Paint the Exterior of Your Home?

When is it the best time of year to paint the outside of your home?  If this is the question you’re asking yourself don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Generally speaking, exterior painting happens from March through November here in Colorado.  Overall our timing is flexible but when is it really the best time of year to paint?  We’re glad you asked because there are several different factors that should be considered before painting.  These factors include temperature, products, and even application.  Here in Colorado we have the outside elements to battle but have no fear.  This post should give you a much better understanding of when it’s ideal to paint your home’s exterior.

When it comes to determining the best time of year to paint the outside of your home the best place to start is with your products.  We all know the importance of a great exterior paint.  Your exterior paint is the first line of defense against snow, sun, and rain.  This means it’s critical that you choose the right exterior paint for your climate.  Here in Colorado you want a product that is durable and resistant to fading and temperature swings.  

Benjamin Moore offers a wide range of products that are not only environmentally responsible they also feature massive technological advancements and color lock technology.  Put simply, this is some of the best paint on the market and it’s designed to last on your home.  We prefer the Benjamin Moore Aura and Regal High Build lines but do some research and find the product that will work best for you.  Once you’ve selected your product, no matter which product you go with, you’ll want to look at the specs.  This is boring but important for proper application.  Each paint product will have a minimum application temperature.  This means that it must be a minimum temperature outside to properly apply this product without compromising quality.  This minimum temperature is typically anywhere from 50-38 degrees for most paints.  Once you know what the specs are you’ll be able to better determine what time of year would be best for painting.  A professional would recommend waiting until there are at least a couple consecutive days with a high above your spec minimum before painting.

What else should be taken into account?  The application necessary to properly apply your product of choice.  Not all products are created equal and it’s important that you or your painting professional understand the product you’re using.  If it’s too cold it may take longer for your product to cure.  This can result in longer wait time between coats and if not applied properly, your paint quality could be compromised.  This is exactly why you might want to steer clear of trying to push in an unseasonable paint project.  Trying to paint in February?  You should be prepared for weather delays.  It doesn’t make any sense to spend money and time on painting if it’s not going to be done correctly the first time.  If you are using a professional painter they should absolutely recommend waiting until at least March for a quality finished product.  If you speak to a painter that seems unconcerned with weather or temperature specs you may want to look somewhere else.

What about if it’s too hot?  This is a question we get a lot, especially during the summer months.  It may not seem as obvious but painting when it is very hot can cause a whole different set of problems.  Although it typically won’t hurt the quality of the paint it may make application difficult.  Many exterior paints have built in “quick dry” features which allow them to cure properly.  This is very helpful when it comes to avoiding bad weather and being able to complete projects in a timely manner.  The downside is that when it’s very hot out, that paint can dry even faster!  When you are spraying out a home you want to have a “wet edge” so the surface appears seamless.  If your product dries too quickly you’ll be able to see lines all over your home.  There are two ways to tackle this issue.  The first is to paint around the sun.  This mean you start on the south side of the home and work clockwise around the home, working with the sun rather than against it.  If you can stay behind the sun your paint won’t be baking and ruining the finished product.  

The other simple fix is to look into additives.  If the sound of that freaks you out let us explain.  Benjamin Moore and other paint companies sell additives that you can mix into your paint to make it work differently under your conditions.  In this case, our goal is to slow down the drying process and give us time to keep that wet edge.  If you’re not sure what additive is right for your product then go speak to a paint professional and they’ll help you choose the correct product for your home.

Essentially, there is a lot you can do to paint nearly all year round.  It just might take a little creativity.  If you’re flexible with timing and you’re really concerned with weather we recommend playing it safe.  The spring is one of the best times to paint and that typically runs from late March through the first few weeks of June.  April can be a little tricky with those spring showers but if you select a painting company that’s proactive and communicates well then you should be just fine.  If you enjoyed this post be sure to keep an eye out for our next few posts, we’ll be talking about how you can save money on your painting project (whether you DIY or hire a professional, yay)!



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