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Finding the right Littleton House Painters isn’t always a quick Google away.  Sure, you can do a search online and find a huge array of painters but how do you actually find the company that is right to take care of your home painting? You know what you want. You want a company that is professional, will show up on time, offers a fair price, and will do a great job.  That’s it.  So, why does it feel like it’s so hard to find?

The truth is, it’s a struggle we’ve all faced.  Especially when it comes to the home painting industry.  We all typically start in the same place; typing Littleton house painters into our search bar.  We see all the companies that come up.  Select maybe two or three from the top and give them a call to schedule an estimate.  This isn’t a bad method, it just doesn’t necessarily take into account what YOU are looking for.  So, how do you find a reliable company for your home painting?  We’re going to tell you with our top 5 quick tips for finding the right Littleton house painters for you.  If you’re not in Littleton please feel free to modify these tips so they work for you in your area.

  1. Start local.  Typing Littleton house painters into your search bar isn’t a bad start because it already sets you up to find companies that service your area.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting someone who is local to your area though.  Make sure to check each company’s website and see where they’re actually located.  You’ll find that most companies have a centrally located office for a specific service area.  For example; the west side of Denver.  If you notice that a company is located 30 minutes or more away from your area or even worse, they are a national corporation they may not fit the bill.  Why should you concern yourself with supporting local?  Using local, smaller companies allows you to work with someone who understands your neighborhood and who is investing in your community. Small business owners are critical in helping to maintain healthy local economies so shopping local helps your community thrive.
  2. Start small.  Small businesses may make you a little nervous.  Will they be around for the warranty?  Will they be able to handle my project?  Will they be organized and attentive?  These are all amazing questions that deserve some attention.  The advantage of shopping around for a smaller business is the personal interaction you’ll get.  Small companies rely heavily on reputation and referrals to stay busy so your experience will more than likely be the #1 priority.  This is important because if there is an issue you’ll be made a priority rather than a large company that may be more focused on profits rather than your customer experience.
  3. Demand professionalism.  There’s small businesses and then there’s man-in-a-van small.  You want your home painting project to be completed in a timely and professional manner.  This means the painting company you choose to work with should absolutely have a professional presentation.  It doesn’t need to be the most razzle dazzle material you’ve ever seen but there is a minimum.  At the very least your house painter should have an actual contract, business cards, and a standardized way of estimating projects.  If you’re weary of working with a smaller company but they bring a high level of professionalism to their projects and your experience.  Well, you can probably trust that they are committed to what they’re doing and to wowing you.
  4. Hold Them Accountable.  It can be REALLY difficult to find out if a house painter is going to be reliable or not.  That being said, there are plenty of ways to ensure a company will be attentive.  If you reach out to a company or agree to an estimate and they don’t get back to you in a timely manner, that’s probably not a good sign.  If you give clear instructions or details about what you’re looking for and those are disregarded, that’s probably not the best.  If a company can’t deliver on the little things they may not be prepared to deliver on the big things.  
  5. Meet with them first.  Before you agree to working with someone you should meet with them.  Another advantage to small companies is that one-on-one experience, the opportunity to build trust with a person.  If a company is not looking to meet with you or wants to just drop off a number or quote you over the phone.  This is not what you’re looking for.  It may sound convenient but you run a bigger risk.  Meeting someone in person allows you to know if you feel good about that person and their company.  You have the opportunity to ensure your voice is heard and understood.  Don’t sacrifice your home painting project for convenience.  Spending an hour meeting with someone you are comfortable with will be well worth it down the line.

This obviously isn’t a complete list.  If there’s something that you specifically care about, don’t be afraid to ask questions.  You’ll want a company that offers straightforward answers and if you don’t get the transparency you’re looking for, go somewhere else.  Feeling comfortable and confident with your house painter is important.  These people will be working on your home, around your family.  Ultimately, if you’re not comfortable you should keep looking and find a painter you can trust; someone you’d refer to a friend or family member.  We hope these tips help you feel more confident the next time you’re searching for your Littleton house painter.  If you have any other tips you think would be useful, like us on Facebook and leave a comment to help other homeowners in your area.



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