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How a Painting Company is Changing the Industry

If you’re a homeowner you’re probably familiar with the frustrations that accompany home improvement projects.  Maybe you’re a weekend warrior spending your Saturdays at Home Depot.  Maybe you prefer to let the professionals tackle your bigger projects.  Either way, I think we can all agree that there is a certain stress that comes with home projects.  Our team has been in the industry for over a decade and we’ve seen how taxing it can be for homeowners to go through these projects. Whether you prefer to DIY most things around the home or you’re constantly farming projects out.  The challenge of getting the job done right always remains.

Kind Home Solutions was founded with a dream of changing the way homeowners view home improvement contractors.  Yes, we recognize that we’ve go a TALL order there but it’s something we are genuinely passionate about.  When this year started, everyone here at Kind Home Solutions sat down in our conference room and shared what our goals were for the year.  We spoke openly and honestly about the impact we wanted to make and how we wanted to leave out clients feeling.  Why? Because we believe that, as a small business, we have the opportunity to build genuine, lasting relationships with our clients and the communities we serve.  Our founder, Michael Sutton, put it best, “Our clients must always be the top priority and every decision we make, every single day, must reflect that philosophy”.

This is a vision that, for us here at Kind Home Solutions, can be felt in every aspect of our business.  We have spent countless hours asking ourselves, “What do homeowners want?” and the answers have helped us form each and every process we have, every product we offer, and our company guarantee.  We refuse to settle for good and strive to provide the perfect client experience.  An experience in which you, as our client, feel you are being treated as an individual, rather than just another project.  An experience where you get honest, straightforward answers to your questions.  An experience where you’re not constantly in a state of stress, where you can relax knowing you’re in good hands.

Even with the age of technology we feel that the ability we have to build REAL, personal relationships with our clients; that’s what truly motivates us.  The feedback we receive from our clients after we’ve completed painting their home, the gratitude and the positive experience they had, that’s what pushes us to continue to grow into the best customer service company we can.  Ultimately, we want to be a positive example of how an ethical company can and should operate.  Believe us, we’re aware that not everyone will “get it”.  That there will be plenty of people out there that feel we’re wasting time and energy trying to change an industry that’s been around for ages.  We see things differently though.  We aren’t just trying to change the painting industry.  We’re trying to spread kindness.

Kindness is something the world could always use a little more of and we’re happy to give every person we meet an extra dose of kindness.  We have a philosophy here of “Do Something Kind Today”.  It is up on our walls so everyone can see it on a daily basis.  It serves as a reminder to think and act outside of yourself and your needs.  It serves as a prompt to go out of your way for someone else today.  Whether that’s a client, a team member, a loved one, or someone you just met.  Doing something kind can be big or small but the feeling you’ll give that person will cause a ripple effect of kindness.  We challenge you to follow our lead and Do Something Kind Today!



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