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Sherwin Williams Emerald Vs Duration

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What’s the difference between Sherwin Williams Emerald Vs Duration paint?  You might assume that all paints are created equal and will give you the same desired effect. Just as with most products though, there are tons of paints available on the market. These paints vary greatly in price, quality, availability, chemical makeup, sheen, coverage, and color selection. When selecting a paint product for your project it’s important to do your research and compare products. This will ensure that you know exactly what you’re getting.

Sherwin Williams Duration

It was 2002 when Duration was introduced to the market. Duration quickly became a go-to product for higher-end painters because it offered greater coverage and a flexible finish. Prior to the introduction of Duration, most paint products required multiple coats. Sherwin Williams Duration was one of the first paints to eliminate this added step which reduced the cost of labor as well as materials.

Duration is able to achieve high coverage with fewer coats because it is thicker than ordinary latex paints. Sherwin Williams Duration is great because it’s self-priming and comes in flat, satin, and gloss.

Duration vs Emerald: Flexibility

Along with its coverage, consumers loved the flexibility of Duration. As Duration cures, it maintains a “softer” film. This is going to be a big difference between Sherwin Williams Duration and Emerald. Since Duration is a thicker, softer product it’s more flexible. This can be a great feature if you are in an area that experiences large temperature shifts.

Big changes in temperature can cause your siding and trim to swell and shrink. If this is happening frequently, then a product like Duration might be a great option for you but a word of caution. Since Duration is so soft, it does get dirtier much faster than harder paints. This is important because if you’re not washing your home frequently, that dirt and pollution will cause your paint to break down sooner. The first sign of break down is chipping, peeling, and cracking so address those areas as soon as possible.

Sherwin Williams Emerald

Emerald made a splash onto the painting seen with its introduction in 2012. Duration and Emerald were pitted against each other and Duration ended up taking a back seat as Emerald rose through the ranks. Sherwin William has positioned Emerald as their top-tier exterior product. Check out the supercharged version of Emerald; Rain Refresh. Emerald and Duration do share some similarities. They have both been celebrated as offering outstanding coverage and long-lasting durability but there are some differences. Emerald is also self-priming and comes in flat, satin, and gloss.

Comparing Emerald and Duration

As we mentioned, Duration may get dirtier faster because of its softer film. Emerald is unique because it offers the same level of coverage as Duration without having to be thick. You could say, Emerald is more efficient than Duration because it offers greater coverage with less product. This will save you money on materials and you should be able to achieve full coverage in a single coat.

Cleaning Emerald vs Duration

Emerald cures to a tighter, harder film than Duration. This feature allows Emerald to offer greater resistance to dirt pickup. Remember, when dirt and pollution sit on the surface of your paint it will increase the rate of break down. With Emerald’s exclusive cross-linking technology the paint is able to stay cleaner. This has allowed Emerald to surpass Duration and become Sherwin Williams #1 exterior paint. Thanks to the advancements in technology, Emerald is able to last longer and provide many of the same benefits that Duration has.

Final Verdict: Sherwin Williams Duration vs. Emerald

When comparing Duration and Emerald you can see they both are great paint options. Duration is a time-tested favorite that offers phenomenal coverage, durability, and flexibility. However, with Emerald’s advanced technology, greater coverage per can, and cross-linking technology it is far and away the better paint. Duration is about $80 a gallon while a can of Emerald will come in around $85 retail. The cost difference is minimal but Emerald will save you time, labor, and material costs. Ready to pick a painter? Check out the Most Important Questions to Ask Your Painter!



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