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Benefits of Annual and Bi-Annual Power Washing Your Home

Why an Annual Power Wash Is Good for Your Home

Home Power WashingWhy should you perform an annual or bi-annual power washing of your home?  We hear this question when speaking with homeowners quite often. We meet people that think the only reason to pressure wash your home is to increase curb appeal. We’re here to tell you there are plenty of reasons to pressure wash your house other than that! Read below for our top 5 reasons why you should consider an annual or bi-annual pressure washing package from Kind Home Solutions. 

Protecting Your Investment

Let’s face it, here in Colorado, we’re faced with all kinds of weather conditions. From bright glaring sun to freezing colds temps and strong wind and everything in between we can see all of these within one day in Colorado! One of the biggest things that we face all year round is strong winds. These winds blow and with them carry grit, grime, dirt, dust, and all other manners of particles against our homes. This grit and grime get into small spaces on your home’s exterior and over time causes cracks and faults in your paint which can lead to serious damage to your home. A simple power washing can prevent this, keeping your home’s exterior pristine.  

Maintenance Saves You Money

Because weather and its consequences can wreak such havoc on your home, making sure you stay ahead of it will save you money in the long run. A simple power wash of your home helps protect your investment in your exterior paint and insure that you get the full life out of it. Power washing is much cheaper than a whole new paint job!

Improve Your Home Inhabitants’ Health

Home Power washingDust and dirt can not only cause damage to your home’s exterior, but they can affect those living inside your home. Dirt, dust, and allergens all affect your health and can enter your house through cracks and crevices. By simply cleaning the grime off with a power wash, you can help minimize the amount that creeps into your house, and keep everyone inside cleaner and healthier. 

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Many exterior cleaning services for houses use harsh chemicals that are not healthy for pets and people that are around the house. We simply use pressured water to rinse your house and make sure to get in where it counts. This insures that we are following one of our important beliefs, that we are responsible for being as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Increase Curb Value

Of course one of the most obvious benefits of a power wash package is that it keeps your house looking clean and sharp. Whether you’re selling your house or not, having a bright and clean house is something that everyone wants! Power washing once or twice a year helps make sure that you’re the best-looking on the block! 

Let Kind Home Solutions Help With A Power Washing Package

If you’d like to learn more about our power washing packages and how they can help protect and clean your house, please contact us via email or call us at 720-370-3063 and we’d be more than happy to help you!



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