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Is Sherwin Williams Rain Refresh a Good Paint?

Sherwin Williams launched their Emerald exterior product line back in 2012, but it wasn’t until 2020 that they introduced Rain Refresh to the residential market.  So, what makes Emerald Rain Refresh special? And is it really a good paint? We’re here to break it down with a complete review of Emerald Rain Refresh.  Keep reading for more!

What to Look for in a Good Paint

Knowing what makes a good paint can be a little tricky, especially when there are so many options available to you.  When it came time to review Sherwin Williams Emerald Rain Refresh and determine if it was a good paint worth the hype we wanted to focus on the product features.  Paint costs vary greatly.  Box store paints like Behr and Valspar will be on the lower end while other brands can be upwards of $120 a gallon. Your budget will determine which product might work best for you.  Just keep in mind that a higher quality paint will last longer than an economy or contractor paint.  

For us, great paint offers superior coverage, durability, color richness, and resistance to paint failures. Sherwin Williams Emerald Rain Refresh checks all of the boxes and then some! 

What Makes Emerald Exterior Special

Image of sherwin williams rain refresh against an orange background

When Sherwin Williams introduced Emerald to the painting industry it quickly became recognized as Sherwin Williams’s number one exterior paint product.  Thanks to the advancements in paint technology, Sherwin Williams was able to create a thinner, more durable paint without sacrificing coverage, color, or quality.  Thinner may sound a bit scary, but trust us, Emerald isn’t just another paint.  Emerald was designed as a single coat product which means it had to be high coverage. In fact, Emerald offers better coverage in a single coat than one of the thickest paints on the market, Duration.  Thanks to the exclusive cross-linking technology, you’ll get a tighter, harder film when you use Emerald.  

Along with its thinner, harder surface Emerald is self-leveling which means the finished product will be smoother, more consistent, and offer greater hide.  As a high-end paint, you’ll also experience a greater resistance to blistering, peeling, fading, and dirt-pickup.  Compared to other products in its class, Emerald shines as the greatest value coming in under $100/gallon without compromising any benefits. 

What’s the Difference Between Emerald and Emerald Rain Refresh?

It’s important to understand the difference between Emerald and Emerald Rain Refresh.  Rain Refresh has been used in commercial applications for nearly a decade, but it wasn’t available for residential use until 2020.  What separates the two products is some of the technological properties present in Rain Refresh.

Rain Refresh has all of the benefits of Emerald, which means you’re getting outstanding coverage, color, and resistance to paint failure.  What makes Rain Refresh special is its self-cleaning technology.  Emerald Rain Refresh was formulated so dirt and debris would wash away upon contact. That means even when it’s just raining, it will literally help clean your home.  

image of a rainy roof

Why is Emerald Rain Refresh Good?

Think about your car. It’s important to wash your car regularly because if you don’t all of the dirt and pollution that sits on your paint will cause your paint to breakdown.  Seriously!  If you’re not washing your car, you will see rust and paint flaking off sooner.  The same concept applies to your home’s exterior. 

If you don’t wash your home with a light pressure wash or even with your hose annually, those toxins will eat away at your paint.  This can be costly because you’ll be repainting sooner AND if it’s left unattended, water can penetrate the paint’s surface and cause your siding and trim to rot.  Nobody wants that, which is why this is a huge benefit for painting your home with Emerald Rain Refresh.

When to Use Emerald Rain Refresh

Rain Refresh has so many great applications, but we wanted to include some of our favorites.  First, we love using Rain Refresh on any dark colors.  This can apply to your siding, trim, or both!  Dark colors can show dirt more easily so Rain Refresh can help keep your paint job looking fresher and longer.  Another opportunity to utilize Rain Refresh is if you’re in an area with a lot of wind, rain, or snow.  If you’re in a place where there are big weather shifts or you see your home getting dirty more frequently, Rain Refresh is the ideal paint for you.  

a home with an incoming storm in the background

Another great reason to use Rain Refresh is if you’re lazy! That’s right, we get it, home maintenance is hard and it’s not always what you want to do.  Emerald Rain Refresh almost automates cleaning the outside of your home.  You can supplement with an annual rinse but it’s no longer necessary.  Save yourself time and headaches by letting the paint clean itself!

So, Is Rain Refresh a Good Paint?

If you’ve made it this far hopefully you have a greater understanding of whether Rain Refresh is a good paint for your project.  Your budget, needs, and concerns will dictate what paint product is right for you.  If you value high quality, technologically rich, and long-lasting products then we’re confident you’ll love Emerald Rain Refresh. 

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