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Popular Dupes of Farrow and Ball Colors

Farrow and Ball have made a name for themselves as a luxury, eco-friendly paint brand with the trendiest paint colors; however, at over $110 a gallon, it can be a tough price tag to validate. You can fake the lux look by finding a dupe for their most popular colors. We did some digging and were able to find Farrow and Ball’s top 10 most popular colors and we’ve duped them for you!  Check out these spot-on dupes of Farrow and Ball’s top 10 colors and convince your friends into thinking you spent a fortune on your new paint job (at a fraction of the cost).

      1. Ammonite

Ammonite is one of those perfect modern neutrals. It’s described as being a naturally understated gray inspired by fossils from the Dorset coast. Is that fancy enough for you yet?  Our favorite dupe for Ammonite is Sherwin Williams Windfresh White SW 7628.  Windfresh White is a fantastic neutral that can be used anywhere. It creates a fresh, clean canvas for you to allow other decor items to really shine. We love this paint color with a statement door, accent wall, or a minimalistic look.

color swatch comparison of farrow and balls top color: ammonite and sherwin williams windresh

       2. Cornforth White 

Cornforth White is another incredibly versatile gray with a little more color payoff than Ammonite. If you want more of a true gray, this color might be perfect for you. Our best match for Cornforth White is Agreeable Gray SW 7029, which is a very popular color from Sherwin Williams. Agreeable Gray has its own cult following so it’s no surprise that both of these colors made the list. Thanks to the balance of warm and cool tones, Agreeable Gray is a wonderful neutral that’s perfect for open spaces or prepping your home to sell.

comparing cornforth and agreeable gray

       3. Down Pipe

Darker, more dramatic colors have been all the rage…if you’re brave enough to try them. Down Pipe from Farrow and Ball is ready to make a statement in your home. This dark lead gray has a touch of blue which gives it a bit of depth and dimension. How do you get this same look for less? Check out Grizzle Gray SW 7068.  It’s another gray that is definitely a favorite for fans of Sherwin Williams, because it’s dramatic, bold and will absolutely help give your space a cool update.

comparing downpipe color swatch to grizzle gray color swatch

      4. Elephant’s Breath

Can we just take a moment and appreciate what a cool job naming paint colors would be? Elephant’s Breath sounds adorable and it turns out…it is!  This is classified as gray, but it’s not like any gray you’ve probably seen before. Elephant’s Breath has a lot of warmth to it, which makes it feel more welcoming and homey. If you’re not a fan of the cool-toned grays, this might be the color to check out. Our favorite dupe for Elephant’s Breath is Bungalow Beige SW 7511. Bungalow Beige is part of the Sherwin Williams Living Well collection and you certainly will live well with this warm, versatile neutral. 

Elephant's breath color swatch & bungalow beige color swatch


       5. Hague Blue

Much like Down Pipe, Hague Blue is a rich, dramatic color designed to make a statement. This inky blue with just a touch of green is amazing as an accent wall or in a well-lit space.  If you love this look, but want it for less, we recommend Cascades SW 7623, which will give you a very similar vibe and is perfect for a dining room, office, or accent. Colors like this can be intimidating, so you might want to try it before you buy it. You can order a free sample directly from Sherwin Williams.

Hague blue color swatch compared to sw cascades color swatch

       6. Skimming Stone

Skimming Stone is one of those flawless off-white colors. This color might be described as a stone or bone color thanks to its warm gray undertones. Due to it being a light neutral, this color is another very versatile option. For a little more cost-effective match we recommend Kestrel White SW 7516. It has the same slightly warm gray tones and would be the perfect color to use in an open floorplan, living room, guest bedroom, and more.  

skimming stone color swatch & sw kestrel white color swatch side by side

       7. Railings

This might be our closest dupe yet! Railings is a very cool, blue-black with a softness to it that you can’t get with a true black. It is an incredibly dramatic color, so it’s not for the faint of heart. If you’re a little nervous to move forward with it, consider using it as an accent color or on a door. Sherwin Williams Cyberspace SW 7076 is a nearly perfect dupe and will give you the same effect for a fraction of the price. 

railings color swatch compared to sw cyberspace

       8. Skylight

Finally, something that isn’t a neutral or a dark color! Skylight is one of those really dynamic colors. Is it green? Gray? Blue? Well, it’s a little bit of each. A color with a similar profile is Sea Salt SW 6204. This pale gray-green is perfect for creating a calming space. Think about using this in a bedroom, bathroom, or even in your home office. It can work with a lot of different colors, which makes it great if you want a little pop of color that’s not too high maintenance. 

comparison of skylight color swatch to sw sea salt color swatch

       9. Stiffkey Blue

We’re back to those bold, deep colors with Stiffkey Blue. Stiffkey is a bit of a dulled navy, which makes it a little more usable than some of the other colors mentioned already.  Depending on how you use this color, you can make a space feel traditional, modern, or even dramatic. If a toned-down navy is what you’ve been looking for then check out Indigo Batik SW 7602.  It’s a beautiful, inky blue that doesn’t feel too bright or intense. Consider this for a bedroom, bathroom, or living room. 

stiffkey swatch next to indigo batik swatch

       10. Strong White

This is a list of the most popular colors so it’s no surprise that we’re ending on another neutral. Strong White is a beautiful white that is perfect for open spaces, and we especially love when a color like this is used for painting the walls and ceiling to create a seamless look. Steal this look with Zurich White SW 7626 from Sherwin Williams.  These are both very modern whites with a touch of gray to them, which is great because it keeps the space from feeling sterile and makes it a great option if you like the minimal, light, airy aesthetics that are so popular these days.

strong white colore swatch compared to sw zurich color swatch

We love being able to provide you with options to find the best and most cost-effective solution for your next project. These colors are incredibly on-trend and the neutrals are timeless. Whether you stick with Farrow and Ball or go for one of our dupes for their top ten most popular colors, feel confident you’ve made a great choice! For more of our favorite paint colors check out our Instagram page and for all other paint question you might have, check out our other blogs here.



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