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Sherwin Williams Emerald Designer Edition Collection Review

The Emerald Designer Edition Collection

Rejoice because Sherwin Williams has launched a designer collection for their Emerald interior paint line and it’s stunning! The Emerald Designer Edition Collection has been a long time coming for Sherwin Williams and we couldn’t be more excited. Brands like Benjamin Moore have long dominated the interior paint market so will this line help Sherwin Williams breakthrough? We think so.

According to the Sherwin Williams website the Emerald Designer Edition Collection is “an exclusive collection of 200 new colors, including brighter, purer whites”. These new colors are only available in Emerald Interior Designer Edition which is Sherwin’s top of the line interior paint. Emerald Interior Designer Edition retails for nearly $100 a gallon. This puts it right up there with brands like Benjamin Moore and Ball and Farrow. Before we get into the product let’s take a look at these colors!

The Emerald Designer Edition Color Collections

The colors within the Designer Edition Collection are broken up into five categories. These groups are Form and Function, Minimal and Modern, Warm and Welcoming, Rustic and Refined, and Classic and Collected.

Form and Function

If you like warm neutrals then the Form and Function color line was made for you. This collection is full of creamy neutrals as well as a variety of warmer grays and browns. Some stand out colors from this collection include Cheviot SW 9503, Cold Foam SW 9504, and Accolade SW 9516. We also can’t wait to use Hidden Trail SW 9525 and Simple Stone SW 9521 on a project.

Thoughts on Emerald Designer Edition Form and Function

Overall, Form and Function is a great collection but we think the lighter shades are really what shine. Each of the neutral, creamy shades feels very usable and risk-free because they aren’t too warm or too cold.

Minimal and Modern

The minimalist craze is still going strong which may make this grouping the most popular within the Emerald Designer Edition Collection. Compared to Form and Function these colors are much cooler-toned. You won’t be getting a lot of yellow here! Minimal and Modern will be your go-to for cool, crisp whites and grays. Our favorites are Smooth Stone SW 9568, Restoration SW 9578, Forged Steel SW 9565, and Castlegate SW 9558. We also love Skipping Rocks SW 9551, White Snow SW 9541, and Natural White SW 9542.

Thoughts on Emerald Designer Edition Minimal and Modern

Although experts have said grays are on their way out, we don’t think it will stop being a popular color. If you love blue and purple undertones or bright, crisp whites then this is the perfect collection for you.

Warm and Welcoming

When we saw the Warm and Welcoming collection we were so excited. If Form and Function is warm and Minimal and Modern is cool then Warm and Welcoming might be the Goldilocks collection. Emerald Designer Edition brings us warm colors with a touch of gray with this group. Some of our favorite colors are Mortar SW 9584, Mushroom SW 9587, Whisper SW 9591, and Pachyderm SW 9596. Armory SW 9600, Stony Creek SW 9610, Perfect Khaki SW 9612, and Dumpling SW 9616 are also fantastic.

Thoughts on Emerald Designer Edition Warm and Welcoming

This might just be our favorite color grouping within the collection because of its versatility. The best thing about small color collections like this is that it limits the scope of what you’re looking at. This collection is so versatile and user friendly which can really make choosing colors confidently a lot easier.

Paint colors from the warm and welcoming line: Sherwin Williams Emerald Designer Edition.
Top left to right: Cotton, Dumpling, Quarry Stone, Limestone, Stony Creek. Bottom left to right: Sunbleached, High Sierra, Lauriston Stone, Tea Leaf, Clove.

Rustic and Refined

The Rustic and Refined collection is definitely giving us that shabby chic, farmhouse vibe. In this collection, you’re getting a lot of sea glass blues and greens and some really nice lighter colors. A few colors that stand out are Clean Slate SW 9621, Glacier Bay SW 9626, Constellation SW 9629, Serenely SW 9632, Windchill SW 9636, Rain Cloud SW 9639, Piedmont SW 9657, and Eventide SW 9643.

Thoughts on Emerald Designer Edition Rustic and Refined

This color collection won’t work for everyone. If you don’t like blue or green we would encourage you to skip this line. However, if you’re trying to create a serene and calming space these paint colors are perfect.

Paint colors from the rustic and refined line: Sherwin Williams Emerald Designer Edition.
Top left to right: Clean Slate, Winter Walk, Create, Forever Green, Big Dipper. Bottom left to right: Mantra, Serenely, Dew Drop, Mineral, Stargazer.

Classic and Collected

If you were wondering where the color is then look no further! Classic and Collected is absolutely the most colorful grouping within the Emerald Designer Edition Collection. It features nearly every color of the rainbow while still keeping the paints usable. The colors we’re loving are Radiant Dawn SW 9661, Serendipity SW 9671, Holly Glen SW 9678, Westhave SW 9675, Lakeside SW 9683, Ripe Berry SW 9689, and Pale Pink SW 9696.

Thoughts on Emerald Designer Edition Classic and Collected

This collection is undeniably fun which we love. You might be afraid to use color in your home but because a lot of these colors are a bit muted they’re still very usable. If you’re nervous to dip your toe in the colorful pool we recommend starting with something small. Consider painting a bathroom, accent wall, or painting your lower cabinets a nice deep color.

Paint colors from the classic and collected line: Sherwin Williams Emerald Designer Edition.
Top left to right: Radiant Dawn, Valleyview, Rainsong, Modern Lavender, Corallite. Bottom left to right: Sun Salutation, Leaflet, Lakeside, Mountain Fig, Full Bloom.

Is Sherwin Williams Emerald Interior Worth the Money?

As we mentioned before, Emerald Designer Edition comes with a pretty hefty price tag. So, let’s take a look and see if the Emerald Interior price tag is worth accessing these colors?

Review of Sherwin Williams Emerald Designer Edition Interior Paint

High-quality interior paints should offer a few key things. These paints should have an outstanding finish, rich color pigmentation, and phenomenal one-coat coverage. If you’re going to pay $100 a gallon you definitely don’t want to get dull color with bad coverage. The Emerald line, which has both interior and exterior products, has proven to be a fantastic paint line and something we reach for constantly.

With its built-in primer and self-leveling technology, this paint is easy to apply and covers in one coat. The one thing we were disappointed to see is that this paint only comes in three sheens; flat, satin, and gloss. We do think Sherwin Williams missed the opportunity to add a matte sheen. A matte finish is ultra-luxurious and can really elevate a space so hopefully, that’s something they’re still working on.

Thoughts on Emerald Designer Edition

From experience, we do know that this is an incredible paint product and with this exclusive color line, we think we’ll be seeing it used a lot more. If this is a product you’re considering using in your home we would highly recommend using a local, experienced pro for the project.

By using a professional painter you’ll benefit from their contractor discount and there’s far less risk that you’ll waste paint or make costly mistakes. If you’re not sure how to find the best interior painter in your area, you can check out our tips and tricks here.



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