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How Much Does It Cost to Paint Interior of House

How much does it cost? It’s no surprise that this is our most asked question. Whether it’s a client inquiring about interior painting or staining a fence, the first and most important question they want answered is cost. And understandably so! That is why we’ve put together a little break down of how much it costs to paint an interior and how you can calculate your own cost. 

If you’d rather watch than read, click the video below: 

In this video, Michael Sutton, Owner and Founder of Kind Home Solutions breaks down the cost of an interior paint job in the Denver metro area. 

Breakdown for Calculating Cost

  • How many rooms are you painting
  • Which items are you painting: walls, ceilings, trim, doors?
  • Gather rough measurements of each room
  • Use itemized multiplier to calculate cost for each
  • Add up your TOTAL
  • Any special items or special circumstances?
  • Products

How Many Rooms & Items Are You Painting?

The first thing to consider when you are trying to figure out how much it will cost to paint your interior is which rooms are you going to paint? This is the easiest step of the process and will obviously have a great impact on the cost of your paint job.

The next step is figuring out what exactly you’re going to paint. Are you just painting the walls? Are you going to paint the ceilings? The trim? Doors? All of the above? There is obviously more labor and materials involved when you paint more items; however, it can be more cost effective to paint several different items and rooms at the same time. Once you know how many rooms and items you’re going to paint, we can move onto getting measurements.


You’ll want to get some rough measurements of your wall space, ceilings and linear footage of your trim. To get measurements of your walls you can take the width and multiply it by the height of each wall and add them all together. For the ceilings, you can measure the floors to get your measurements and you can simply measure the distance of the trim. Lastly, you’ll want to figure out how many doors you want to paint. After you’ve figured all this out you can begin the pricing calculations.

photo of a denver Interior painted by kind home solutions

Pricing Calculations

Some painters use one price per square foot to calculate price. This price per square foot covers everything when calculating cost. However, we don’t calculate cost that way. Instead we itemize the walls, trim, doors, ect and multiply each item by their respective cost per unit. 

You’ll find that many painters use this same system. You can expect the price per unit to adjust depending upon the size of the paint job. As mentioned above, the more you paint, the more cost effective it will be. In other words, if you choose to paint more of one item, the more the cost per unit will go down. 


For this example we’ll use $1.40 as the cost per unit for walls. Let’s assume you have four rooms you want to paint and the wall space equals 2,000 sq ft. We’ll simply take 2,000 and multiply it by $1.40 equalling $2,800 to paint the walls of the four rooms (2,000 x 1.40 = 2,800).

prep work at a paint job


We’ll use $1.50 as the cost per unit for ceilings. So, let’s say you have roughly 350 sq ft of ceiling space for the four rooms plus 430 sq ft of entry space that you’d like to paint. We’ll take that total square footage of 780 and multiply it by $1.50 equalling $1,170 to paint the ceilings (780 x 1.50 = 1,170).


Trim is a bit more expensive to paint due to the prep, extra materials and time it can take to paint. For trim we’ll use $2.10 as our cost per unit multiplier. For this example we’ll say there is 230 linear feet of trim we want to paint. We’ll multiply that by 2.10 equalling $483 to paint the trim (230 x 2.10 = 483). 


Doors are a bit easier to calculate. Most painters will charge around $50 per door, so just add up all your doors and simply multiply by 50. Let’s say you only want to paint four doors, bringing the cost to $200. 

After you’ve done all of your measurements and calculations you’ll add up each item’s total price. This will give you a rough idea of the cost to paint your interior. For our example our total would be $4,653.

photo of railings painted by kind home solutionsNow this example doesn’t account for other items you may want to paint such as railings, cabinets or fixed items. It also doesn’t account for repairs, special circumstances or popcorn removal. So please be sure to keep those things in mind when doing your calculations, and please know this is only an exercise to give you a rough idea of pricing.

At Kind Home Solutions we do have a minimum for painting interiors set at $2,000. Not all companies have a minimum and you can definitely find a great painter that will accommodate smaller paint jobs. If you’re looking to only have one bedroom painted or a similar circumstance, you can expect that cost to be anywhere between $600-$1,200.


Another factor that can contribute to the cost of your paint job is the type of products that you or your painter uses. You can see quite the vast range in product costs depending upon the quality of paint you use. This difference could be anywhere from $40-$125 per gallon. The type of paint you choose can have a huge impact on not only the cost of your paint job, but also on the quality. 

With so many products out there it can be difficult to choose. We always recommend using a higher quality paint as it will provide you with a more professional finish and a lot more durability. We typically use Sherwin Williams top-end paints Emerald Interior or Duration; however, we also recommend Sherwin Williams Cashmere. If you’re looking for a more economic option, Sherwin Williams Promar 200 is another great option. 

Hopefully this helped you get a rough idea of what it will cost to paint your interior. If you would like an estimate for interior painting, please feel free to call us at 720-370-3063 or simply schedule an estimate online HERE. As always, check out our instagram, pinterest and youtube for more inspiration and information. 

photo of a denver interior painted by kind home solutions



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