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Discover the Perfect Paint Colors for Homes With Orange Roofs

Pairing paint colors with an orange roof can be a tricky task. Your paint colors should not only complement each other but also your roof. Orange roofs have a lot of personality and come in many different forms.

Finding the right paint colors can be more difficult depending on where you live. For example, in Florida where orange Spanish tiles are a popular roof style, you might see people going with fun vibrant body colors.

But what about those of us who aren’t on island time? As a painter in Denver, Colorado, we don’t see an abundance of orange roofs, so the color selection process can be a little more challenging for our clients.

To help simplify that process we’ve had our professional color consultants weigh in on their favorite paint colors to pair with orange roofs.


Blue is complementary to orange, which means these two colors can work really well together. For exterior projects, we tend to lean towards color recommendations that feature a certain amount of gray.

Naval SW 6244 Color SwatchGray can help tone the color down so it doesn’t appear too saturated. Blue or gray-blue colors work with a variety of shades regarding roofs.

If you have a deeper, more brown roof then we’d recommend a bold and rich navy like Naval SW 6244 from Sherwin Williams.

If you have a lighter orange roof then you may consider more of a medium to light gray-blue. Some gray-blue paint options that we love to see on exteriors are Morning Fog SW 6255 and Blustery Sky SW 9140. Pair any of these with a creamy white trim and you’re good to go!


One of the easiest ways to choose a paint color that will work well with your shingle color is to go for a more monochromatic scheme. This just means you’ll be looking for a paint color that is within the same color family as your roof shingle.

The saturation of your roof and how brown or orange it is should really guide your color search. Either way, we tend to recommend a brown or tan color that has a lot of warmth in it.

We love Kilim Beige SW 6106, Ginger Root SW 9095, and Bagel SW6114 because of their warm undertones and earthy feel.


Orange and brown are made from the same color pigments, so it’s no surprise that green makes it onto our list. This is the ultimate earth-toned look that ties together muted greens and orangey-browns.

Similarly to blue, we really like greens that have a little bit of gray in them. Again, this just helps to keep the scheme grounded and appropriate for the kinds of homes you see here in Colorado.

Green has been a massive trend in 2021 and it looks like that will carry over into 2022. So, if green is a color you enjoy we’ve got some colors to consider. For lighter greens, we love Green Onyx SW 9128, Green Earth SW 7748, or At Ease Soldier SW 9127

Remember that paint colors will appear lighter on the exterior of your home due to sun exposure. For something a bit deeper, you could also consider Dried Thyme SW 6186 or Sage Green Light SW 2851.


Looking for a classic look with minimal effort? A warm creamy body color might be just the ticket! The key to successfully choosing a cream paint color is to make sure that it has enough warmth and depth.

We’ve often seen clients with orange roof shingles try to go with a white body, similar to a modern farmhouse look. In this instance, we tend to guide clients to look at something that has a bit more warmth and color in it.

The stark whites can feel a bit too harsh. If the simplicity of a cream body color is appealing to you, our consultants often recommend Creamy SW 7012, Moderate White SW 6140, and Natural Linen SW 9109.

Warm Gray

Warm grays are some of our favorite colors of all time. They’re incredibly versatile and have a nice depth of color that you don’t get with a cool gray. They are also really great if you need to blend cool and warm features into your home.

For example, if you have an orange roof and cool-colored stone in your home, then a warm gray can help balance those two different colors.

We have a ton of warm grays that we constantly turn to, but a few favorites would be Sycamore Tan SW 2855, Balanced Beige SW 7037, and Hammered Silver SW 2840.

Are There Any Paint Colors You Should Avoid with an Orange Roof?

We’re pretty firm believers that there is a paint color that can work for your scheme within every single color family. However, that doesn’t mean it’s always the best option.

With that in mind, there are a couple of colored families we would tend to shy away from.

The first would be any harsh or stark whites. When it comes to paint colors that complement orange shingles we find that sharp, crisp white just isn’t it.

This also holds true for trim colors. Instead, we love to see whites that have more warmth to them so they can soften the look and keep things cohesive.  

Another color we don’t really love when paired with orange shingles is black. This goes back to people wanting that modern farmhouse look and it really just doesn’t work with an orange roof. Black can be very harsh whether it’s used on the body or the trim.

You can run the risk of creating a somewhat Halloween-inspired home. If that’s what you like then you should absolutely follow your heart, but we do tend to guide clients away from that choice.

Red and yellow do have some options that can work with orange shingles, but these just aren’t our top choices for this kind of home. If you’re in the Colorado area and would like a professional color consultation then give us a call. We’d be happy to help you out!

Otherwise, remember to always get paint samples to test out before committing to a color, and have fun! Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube for more inspiration, tips and paint knowledge! 

Let’s craft your perfect palette together! Contact Kind Home Solutions for a professional color consultation today!



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