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Stucco Maintenance – 4 Reasons you Should Paint your Stucco!

When it comes to paint, all homeowners experience fading with their color, that includes you stucco owners!  We know, we know – you’re probably shocked. Maybe even shaking your head. Many people think stucco lasts forever, with the advantages of its durability, lower energy costs and reduced sound transmission it seems like a no-brainer for an efficient choice of siding. However, stucco still requires regular maintenance just like any other home. When it comes to the pigment or paint on your stucco several homeowners think it’s not necessary or needed to repaint. Here are just a couple reasons you might need a new coat.

Stucco Fades

Yeah I said it. Of course we’d all love for our paint to be as bright and beautiful as the first day the home is painted, but let’s be real, you can’t hide your home from the sun. Obviously, fading isn’t hard to spot so it’s always best to be ahead of the game before your neighbors or worse, the HOA, begin to notice.

Masking Cracks

Cracks in stucco can cause a whole world of problems. Depending on how large and severe the crack is, it may require different maintenance. For those small hairline cracks that you can barely fit your fingernail into, you’re in luck, those won’t need any caulk because a good high quality paint should fill those for you. Wider cracks will need some stucco patching or a high grade caulk can be used. If you have any major areas that can’t be filled with either of these materials then leave it to the professionals, find a local handy man that is familiar with stucco patching. After repairing all those cracks you’ll definitely want a fresh coat of paint from a professional painting contractor to cover up what may almost look like a road map from all that caulking.


Wait, what? Yes it’s a tricky word and the definition does not make it anymore exciting. Efflorescence refers to the white powdery substance that develops on the surface of stucco homes. This effect can be extremely noticeable on a home especially with dark colors. Yes it looks awful, but there is always a solution! Many people take care of this with a wire brush but the most effective way, and the one we recommend, is a light power wash to the exterior. Some efflorescence stains can become pretty intense if not tended to soon enough so this is where some paint can come in handy to create a cohesive look!

Color Change

Who doesn’t like to mix things up or update their home? New color palettes go in and out of season all the time, so why keep that outdated shade while the rest of your neighbors are adding some POP to their homes with a new exterior paint color?  Don’t settle with what you have, and if you can’t make a decision on your own we recommend getting a professional color consultation to get started.

Lastly, How to Paint Stucco

So, you’re probably wondering – how does one go about painting stucco?  We’re so glad you asked!

  1. Clean (lightly pressure wash)
  2. Prep, fill in cracks/mask windows/trim
  3. Choose the right product – something thicker to really get into the pores
  4. Spray AND backroll.  We recommend recruiting a buddy or leave it to the professionals because you will need a little help with this one.  The objective here is to spray out the body and have someone follow behind you with a roller to back-roll the paint into the stucco.  This ensures paint makes it into each and every nook and cranny.
  5. Enjoy! Your newly painted home looks great, so why not throw a barbecue or pool party so you can show off to the neighborhood!



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