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Can You Paint Vinyl?

Whether it’s siding, windows, or some other home feature the same question comes up time and again. Can (and should) you paint vinyl? This a question that comes up quite frequently, especially for new homeowners or those inexperienced with vinyl.  We all know there are advantages to vinyl. It’s long lasting, semi-durable, and requires less maintenance than standard wood siding. The downside is, if you don’t like the colors or your home or you experience any kind of damage, vinyl can become a huge headache.  The good news is, you absolutely CAN make changes to your vinyl to keep it updated. Here’s how!


Keep it Clean

Whether you actually plan to paint the exterior of your house where you have vinyl or you’re just curious about the maintenance needed we highly recommend pressure washing your vinyl home at least once a year.  This can be done by a professional with a pressure washer or can be don “in-between” washes using a hose. This does two things. It helps keep the vinyl clean and prevents dirt and debris from building up and causing your vinyl to fade. If you are planning to paint your vinyl you’ll absolutely want to do a pressure wash prior to ensure you have a clean surface for your paint to adhere to.


Consider Colors

Unfortunately, when it comes to painting vinyl your color selection may be limited.  Since vinyl requires specific prep and products for application you want to be very careful about which colors you choose.  Talk to your paint professional or paint supplier for a selection of vinyl safe colors or check out some colors. A good guideline to begin with is to look at lighter colors.  Darker colors tend to have a difficult time lasting on vinyl as they tend to fade, crack, and fail since they do attract sunlight. By choosing light colors when you paint vinyl you greatly decrease the risk of your paint failing.

Use Quality Paint

In the same vein as the colors you choose you’ll want to ensure you are using the best product to paint vinyl. It’s important to understand that best doesn’t always mean expensive though. A personal favorite of ours is Benjamin Moore’s Revive.  Why? Revive is specifically designed to adhere to vinyl and give a smooth, lasting finish. Vinyl safe paint will have limited color selections as we discussed above however, it will also feature all of the additives necessary for a lasting paint job.

Seek Professional Help

Do you typically DIY most of your home projects or painting? Then this may not be the route you want to go.  When it comes to painting vinyl, a professional can make a big difference.  If you don’t have a ton of experience with vinyl you may end up with a bigger mess than you started with. By recruiting a paint professional with experience painting vinyl they can walk you through the entire process and some may even warranty their work!


So, Should You Paint Vinyl?

This is the big question, right?  The truth is, vinyl was designed so that it doesn’t need painting, but homeowners still typically deal with fading colors.  Luckily, vinyl paint has come a long way and you absolutely have some options when it comes to updating your vinyl. So, if you’re happy with your colors your vinyl probably has no need to be painted regularly.  Are you are experiencing faded or just plain unattractive colors? Then it’s talk to your professional painting contractor about their vinyl process and what your options are.



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