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Our Most Popular Colors of 2020

Colors, colors colors!  When it comes to painting your house, there are so many colors to choose from, that it can get to be a little daunting! Of course, colors are a personal choice, and we all have our own favorite colors that we are partial to. However, not every color works for painting a house. Can you imagine if your neighbors favorite shade of lime green is what they decided to paint their house with?  We’re not one to judge, but we would have to admit that would be a little….bright? We tallied the images that our clients used to paint their houses the most often, and came up with our most popular colors of 2020. Let’s check them out! 

As a house painting company in Denver, we see a lot of paint colors. From popular colors to quirky colors, we’ve painted them all. That being said, we do see trends in paint colors, and there are colors that are more popular with our clients from year to year. Some years we see house exteriors painted in darker body colors and lighter trim, some years we see lighter body colors and darker trim. Heck, sometimes we even paint houses purple! 

Every year, our two main paint suppliers, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, put out their favorite colors for the year. If you’d like read more about the Sherwin Williams Top Paint Colors for 2020 here and the Benjamin Moore Topo Colors for 2020 here.  But we also get to see what is most popular with our clients by watching what they choose to use on their houses.  Let’s check out the interior colors first.

Most Popular Interior Colors of 2020

As you can see above, the most popular color of the year for interior painting was Repose Gray, SW # 7015. This color fits in with the theme of the rest of our most popular interior colors, which are all neutral colors but with shades of more dominant colors in them. From tan to grey to green all of these colors are a great addition to your home and allow you to decorate with bold items that will stand out well against these popular colors. Now let’s take a look at the most popular exterior colors from our clients. 

Most Popular Exterior Paint Colors for 2020

Exterior colors are typically more diverse and so there are more of them in our popular colors of the year. From greys to browns and blues to greens, you can see above that there is much more variety in these colors. The most popular exterior color this year was Summit Gray, SW # 7669. This color fits well with many house styles and adds a look of understated elegance.


We hope you found this as interesting as we do! If you’d like to discuss any of these color in more detail and about getting a free quote to use them on your house, please give us a call at (720) 370-3063 or contact us via email.




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