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How To Choose The Best Denver Painter

Photo of a gray and blue victorian exterior painted by kind home solutions
Denver Exterior Painted by Kind Home Solutions Body Color: SW 9162 African Grey | Trim Color: SW 7005 Pure White

Denver homes come in all shapes and sizes, and due to their age, many of them require a fair amount of TLC. When it comes to finding the best Denver house painter, it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed.  Most homeowners are looking for a company they feel comfortable with and that’s offering a good price but, how do you know when you’ve found your painter?  We’re here to pull back the curtain and outline how to choose the best Denver house painter for your projects needs. Keep reading to learn exactly what to ask, how to get the best deal, and how to know when you’ve found a qualified Denver house painter.

Qualified Denver Painter

The first thing you’ll want to confirm with your painter is that they are qualified to handle your project.  Remember, some Denver homes are over 100 years old and that means working on them can be a lot to take on.  To ensure that your painter is qualified to work on Denver homes you need to confirm a few things with them.

3 Steps to Find the Best Denver Painter

  1. Verify that you’re talking to a true Denver painter. 
  2. Check out their work and reviews online.
  3. Make sure they are lead certified.

Verify Your Painter

Painting is not a heavily regulated industry so you will most likely end up meeting with a wide range of painters with varying degrees of expertise.  When specifically looking for a Denver house painter it’s critical that you verify how experienced they are working on these types of projects.  Denver homes tend to be much older, more detailed, and can even require additional prep or safety steps.  

a mint green exterior of a denver home painted by kind home solutions
Body Color: HC 130 Webster Green |Trim Color HC 90 Crown Point Sand

To verify that your Denver painter is qualified, we recommend requesting addresses of homes near yours that they’ve painted.  You can make a day of driving or walking around to look at these houses and check out your painter’s work by grabbing some coffee or lunch downtown.  When you go to take a look at the houses be sure to really inspect the work and make sure it’s up to your standards.  If you see something that you’re not sure about, take a picture and ask your painter for clarification on the project or ask if you can connect with the client to understand their experience. 

Check Your Denver Painter Out Online

In this day and age you’ve got to go online to get a real feel for the company you’re planning to work with.  Some people still see the value in asking for references but going online and reading reviews can give you a much more authentic understanding of the client experience.  Typically, when you ask a company for references they will only share with you clients who are raving fans but what about everyone else?  

Check out Google, Facebook, the BBB, Yelp, and any of your other favorite review sites to get a full picture of the company you’re planning to work with.  Take it a step further and really look for experiences specifically dealing with Denver homes or older homes.  If they have overall good reviews that mention homes similar to yours, you just might have a qualified Denver house painter!

Lead Certified Denver Painters

Blue victorian exterior denver home painted by kind home solutions
Denver Exterior Painted by Kind Home Solutions

Homes built prior to 1978 should always be tested for lead.  Lead tests are expensive so some companies may charge you to test your home while others will do this as a complimentary precaution. Just because your home was built before 1978, it doesn’t automatically mean your home will be lead positive so testing is important because lead safety steps can add quite a bit to the cost of your project. If your home does test positive for lead then your painter should include additional safety steps to contain the lead and dispose of it properly.  

Professional painters are required to follow OSHA guidelines when it comes to painting a lead positive home.  The best Denver house painters know that these steps are critical to maintaining a safe work environment for both the homeowner and the crew. Now, it is true that you could save money by avoiding lead precautions, but we would highly caution you against cutting corners when it comes to lead. Not taking the proper lead precautions can lead to health issues down the road and even a fine from the OSHA. Yikes!

How Much Does a Denver Paint Job Cost?

Due to the complexity of most Denver projects, the additional safety steps, and the added prep you should understand that your painting will require a lot of work.  Some homes, like the Queen Anne Victorians, can have up to seven paint colors.  That’s a lot of switching colors out, cleaning equipment, and a massive attention to detail.  With all this in mind, a high quality paint job from a qualified Denver house painter will likely run you anywhere from $6,000-$15,000 depending on your home.  If you’ve got a large home or a lot of detail on your house, be wary of pricing that seems too good to be true because it probably is.  

Burgundy painted denver exterior painted by kind home solutions

The Best Denver House Painters

At the end of the day, you want a Denver painter that you can trust, who works in the area frequently, and who is willing to take the right steps to ensure your home and family are taken care of safely.  Make sure to check out their work online and in person, verify that they are lead certified if needed, and trust your instincts.  Denver homes require a high attention to detail and care so make sure you’re in good hands before starting your next painting project.

All of the images in this blog post were Denver homes painted by yours truly! Please head over to our gallery page to check out  more of our work!

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