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How Often Should You Repaint Your House’s Interior?

Repainting your interior is an easy and cost effective way to update your home to reflect your style but how often do you need to repaint your interior?  There are several factors that should be considered when it comes to the frequency at which you should be painting the inside of your home and we think they might surprise you. 

Keep reading to learn just how frequently you should be tackling interior painting projects.

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General Wear and Tear

One of the biggest factors that will determine how frequently you should paint your interior is how much wear and tear your home receives. If you have kids, pets, or a lot of visitors in your home you may notice that your paint doesn’t quite hold up to the wear and tear. 

Baseboards and doors often show wear the soonest but stubborn smudges on the wall, scuff marks, knicks, and damage to drywall can also be a sign that it’s time to paint.  Dingy, old paint can make a space appear dirty so staying on top of any damage can be a huge help to maintaining a clean space.

Kitchens and bathrooms are also rooms that should be inspected frequently as the added moisture and mess can break down paint at an accelerated rate.  Be sure to inspect ceilings as well as walls and clean up any messes as soon as possible. 

Most quality paints can be cleaned with warm soap and water but be careful cleaning cheaper paint products as this can lead to discoloration.  A higher quality product in the appropriate finish will last longer and will be easier to clean. 

Interior Paint Fading 

Most people know that exterior paint fades but many aren’t aware that interior paint job also fades!  Sun exposure from windows will cause interior paint to fade especially in your rooms with east, west, or south facing windows because the sunlight breaks down the paint over time. 

Darker colors or rooms with a lot of large windows are especially prone to fading so lighter paint colors are usually recommended in these spaces.

Discover if you have faded paint by simply moving items that have been there for a while.  Frames on the wall or large pieces of furniture like couches often reveal the old paint color so if you’re seeing this then it’s absolutely time to repaint.

Increase Resale Value When Selling

If you’re looking to sell your home then it’s absolutely essential to make sure your paint is fresh and appealing.   Baseboards show a lot of wear and tear so they’re often a place potential buyers look to see if the house was taken care of. 

A new coat of paint on walls, ceilings and trim helps your home feel clean and well maintained.  This can help you get the best price for your home and increase interest from potential buyers.

When selling your home, it’s often recommended that you remove personal belongings so that active buyers have an easier time seeing themselves in the home.  This can also be true with paint. 

Bold paint colors that you love and that reflect your personality could end up being a distraction for home buyers. We recommend going in with a light neutral that will create a blank canvas which allows buyers to envision themselves and their own style within the space. 

If you’re looking to sell we recommend painting just before you list your home so paint is as fresh and clean as possible. 

photo of an interior living room and kitchen

Modernizing a Space

Paint is an amazing way to update outdated features and modernize a space.  Certain features like stained oak cabinets and trim were once very popular, especially here in Colorado but they may feel a bit dated now.  Painting old oak trim white can completely transform a space and make it feel much more current.

You can also see this in kitchens that feature oak or dark cherry cabinets which were popular in the 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s. Deep cherry cabinets can make your whole kitchen feel darker and heavier. That’s why going in with a lighter paint color, or even a pop of color on the cabinets, can really refresh and re-energize your space. 

If you’re home highlights features that are no longer trendy or make the space feel outdated then we highly recommend painting to breathe new life into your home.

Personal Style Changes

As trends come and go you’ll find your personal home design style and tastes changing. Paint is a great way to create atmosphere. This doesn’t have to mean you’re repainting your whole interior every few months. It could simply mean you want to change up a room or two every now and then. 

For smaller spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, or laundry rooms check out our small jobs services or consider a DIY project! 

Your home should reflect your own style and a fresh coat of paint can help in a big way.  Trends tend to change after about 2-3 years so you may be painting more frequently but you’ll always be in style.

How Frequently Should You Paint the Inside of Your House

Painting your home regularly is one of the best ways to stay on top of your home upkeep.  Fresh paint will make any space feel cleaner and well maintained while also increasing the value of your home. So be sure to stay on top of damage and faded colors. 

For more information about what to look for on your interior to know if it’s time to paint,, check out our other post!



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