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Choosing an Exterior Paint Color – Benjamin Moore Top Paint Colors 2018

Happy 2018, everyone! If you’ve been thinking that it might be time to paint the exterior of your home but the thought of choosing a color makes you want to pull your hair out then we’re here to help. Benjamin Moore just released their List of Top Paint Colors for 2018 and let me tell you…they’re AMAZING!


Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

Choosing an exterior paint color shouldn’t make you want to run for the hills and it definitely shouldn’t stressful. This is your home, an expression of who you are, and this should be fun! We offer our clients free color consultations so we’re constantly looking to see what trends are happening with colors. This is especially in Colorado where HOA’s tend to require neutral, earth tones. Even if you’re dealing with limitations from your Homeowner’s Association you can still make a big impact with some crisp, fresh paint. When it comes to choosing your paint colors we’ve got some simple tips to keep stress low and creativity at a high.

Tips for Choosing Paint Colors

  • Get Inspired – We’re paint geeks around here so we’re constantly on Pinterest looking at the paint schemes that are catching our eye. You probably already have a Pinterest account (and if you don’t they’re totally free!) so get logged in and start searching for some exterior inspiration. Create a board and start saving your favorites or check out our Pinterst account for some ideas to get your started.


  • Creep on your Neighbors – No, not like that! But you should definitely get in the car or go for a walk and start looking at the color schemes in your neighborhood. Most HOA’s won’t allow you to paint your home the same color as the neighbors directly around you but you can still find inspiration right around you. The best part about this tip is; you can assume HOA approval won’t be an issue! You can take pictures of the homes you like for later review, and (if you’re feeling brave) you can knock on the door and ask for the specific colors used on the house.


  • Check to see if your HOA has pre-approved colors – You may not have even known that this existed but many HOA’s do have a booklet of pre-approved colors which can really streamline the approval process. Remember, you don’t need to get hung up on the brand they’re featuring in their booklet. If you’re using high quality products they should be able to match any color you bring them. Benjamin Moore actually features the greatest color match technology in the industry.


  • Settle on a Theme – Have you done the first few steps here but are still struggling to narrow it down? You might need to think about which schemes really match the personality of your home. Do a quick assessment of what style home you have. Is it a craftsman with a lot of charm? A simple ranch with a lot of brick? A Victorian with tons of charm? There are dozens of styles to choose from. By adding those keywords to your search it can help you find schemes that are not only beautiful but that make sense for your home.


  • Bring in a Professional – If all else fails, you made need a professional house painter to help guide you in the right direction. We offer free color consultations at our estimates to make things easy for clients. Of course you can also look for a designer in your area. A professional can assist with narrowing down what you’re looking for and help paint a better picture for what you want from your home (pun completely intended).


Hopefully these tips are useful and get you excited to paint your home this spring. Remember, these projects don’t have to be a headache as long as you have the right tools to have fun! Which color are you most drawn to from the 2018 Benjamin Moore color palette?



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