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5 HOA Friendly Color Combinations

We’re continuing our series of HOA friendly paint colors and this week we’re looking at the Woodlane HOA neighborhood located here in Littleton, Colorado. We absolutely love any HOA that provides pre selected or pre approved colors and Woodlane HOA has some great options on the HOA Archive. fAs a Littleton painter that does a lot of work in this area we love using this Sherwin Williams tool and you can view all of the available color schemes here. Keep reading for our top 5 HOA friendly color combinations!

Top 5 Favorite Woodlane HOA Color Combos

Scheme 12

If you’re looking for something that is warm, modern, and sophisticated?  Look no further than this scheme!  Perfect Greige SW 6073 lives up to its name. It’s the perfect taupe-y gray-beige.  It doesn’t feel too pink and will work really well on a variety of homes.  Woodlane HOA has paired this with Popular Gray SW 6071 on the trim and we love this slightly low contrast look.  We’re seeing a good number of clients move away from the higher contrast colors and stark whites that became really popular a few years ago in lieu of something like this. Popular Gray is a very, well, popular color from Sherwin Williams and it will do a great job of creating some interest while maintaining cohesion. 

Finally, this look is rounded out with Garret Gray SW 6075 as our accent color.  This is another variation of Perfect Greige, just in a deeper tone and we think this would be great on decorative pieces, shutters, and doors. 

Scheme 14

2022 has been all about greens.  From dark and dramatic hues to softer tints we’ve seen a lot of variety.  Jogging Path SW 7638 is a wonderful way to dip your toe in the “green pool” without having to dive in.  It’s a slightly putty looking color, tan with a green undertone and it looks incredible on exteriors.  We love that Woodlane decided to pair this with a dark trim color.  Intellectual Gray SW 7045 will bring in some interest while still keeping the overall look soft and harmonious. 

Thunder Gray SW 7645  is the perfect accent because it’s a fun take on a traditional black door.  Thunder Gray has a combination of gray, black, and brown which gives it a very matte look similar to Iron Ore.

Scheme 15

This scheme will look so good on so many different homes, especially stucco homes.  Shoji White SW 7042 has been a favorite within our team for years now so we’re thrilled to see it on this HOA color list.  It’s modern but warm and we love it paired with Relaxed Khaki SW 6149 on the trim.  This scheme is really simple and very low contrast but that’s also what makes it feel so timeless.

Woodland HOA has completed the scheme with Hopsack SW 6109 which can be used to highlight features like the shutters or front door.

Scheme 20

Any good color scheme list has to have a blue option and this one is a really unique option.  Rather than going for the gray-blues we have been seeing absolutely everywhere, consider trying Silvermist SW 7621. Some people might say this is just a gray but it has a slightly green-blue undertone that we think makes it feel a little retro and fun.  This has a little bit more contrast because it is paired with Pure White SW 7005 which is a very crisp, clean white that gives a very fresh look.  

Our favorite part has to be the accent though. Chamois SW 6131 is clearly very unique and has a very retro feeling.  It’s almost a honey mustard color and we love this for use on very small details as well as the front door.  It helps guide the eye while complementing the body and trim. 

Scheme 21

This last color combination is super simple and will work well on nearly any style of home.  The body is Stone Lion SW 7507 which we’ve had quite a few clients use in the past.  It’s a beautiful exterior color and will pair so well with Quiver Tan SW 6151 on the trim.  This is another somewhat subtle contrast that uses colors from the same color family to keep things cohesive.  It also makes use of the darker trim which we love to see, especially on homes with a darker roof color. 

The accent color here is Incredible White SW 7028 which is a very classic and easy option for a front door.  We really like this option because Incredible White has a little bit of warmth and pigment to it so it doesn’t just look like a stock door.  It feels more thoughtful and intentional. 

Colorado HOA Color Schemes

These HOA color schemes are a fantastic way to simplify choosing your paint colors. Even if you’re not part of the Woodlane HOA these are still great options that you might want to consider for your home. You can submit them to your HOA for approval or, if you don’t have an HOA just go for it!  HOA friendly paint schemes are great because they really simplify the color selection process and take the headache out of pairing colors together. You can setup a free estimate HERE to find out how much it will cost to paint your home! For more color tips be sure to follow us over on Pinterest and TikTok where we post daily! 



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