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5 Classic Paint Color Scheme Combinations that NEVER Fail

Choosing a paint color can be difficult, but coordinating multiple colors to create a paint color combo can be a downright pain! Although we love when clients embrace the color selection process to find colors that capture their personality, we also know that some people just want quick and easy color combinations. So, that’s what we’ll be looking at today!  These color combinations are meant to be simple, timeless, and neutral enough to work on a lot of different homes. If you’re interested in our top 5 paint color combinations then keep reading!

Paint Color Combo #1 – Navy, White, and Red

This first color combination is an absolute classic and we see clients turn to it year after year. It takes advantage of a simple and clean approach to pairing colors together. It combines a classic body color like Naval SW 6244 with a sharp white trim such as Pure White SW 7005. For our accent we’ve got a nice pop of color with our red door. We’ve chosen Rave Red SW 6608, but you can really play around here with the accent. A fun yellow or orange door could add a touch of personality or keep things super timeless with a classic black door. Either way, this paint color combo has a ton of staying power, which means you won’t regret your choice a year after you paint.

a photo of a Denver home painted by Kind Home Solutions
A Denver home painted by Kind Home – Body: Naval SW 6244; Trim: Pure White SW 7005

Paint Color Combo #2 – White, Gray, and Blue

White and gray are a great color combination and we love this softened version. Shoji White SW 7042 is a wonderful off-white that feels modern and warm. We’ve paired it here with Intellectual Gray SW 7045 to keep things grounded and balanced but still give a bit of contrast. If you were a fan of the modern farmhouse look then think of this as a grown up, less trendy version of that. These colors won’t be going out of style anytime soon, so it’s a really safe paint color combination. For our accent we’ve gone with Slate Tile SW 7624 which is a medium gray blue, but you could absolutely swap this for a number of other colors to best suit your style.

a photo of a victorian painted in shoji white
A Denver home painted by Kind Home – Body: Shoji White SW 7042

Paint Color Combo #3 – Gray, Cream, and Red

Red is the most popular front door color so it’s not surprising to see it here again. Roycroft Copper Red SW 2839 is a beautiful option with just a touch of orange that helps it feel a little unique amongst the many red options.  Since we’re looking at our go-to exterior color combinations we’ve kept the body and trim simple.  Colonnade Gray SW 7641 is a great light gray with a warm undertone. To complement that body color we’ve paired it with the classic Greek Villa SW 7551 which will help provide a nice bit of contrast and visual interest.

a photo of a door painted by kind home solutions in roycroft sw red
A home painted by Kind Home – Door color – Roycroft Copper Red SW 2839

Paint Color Combo #4 – Brown, Cream, and Blue

This color combo is great if you’re a fan of earth tones. We have Latte SW 6108 as our base color which is a wonderful light-medium brown. The thing we love about this color is that it’s not too warm or cool, which makes it fairly flexible as far as browns go. We wanted to keep things cohesive so we’ve paired it with Ivory Lace SW 7013 because it has more warmth and pigment than something sharp and crisp like Pure White. This allows the color combo to feel harmonious and unified rather than combative. For a little pop of color we’ve got Naval on the door. Naval is one of Sherwin Williams most popular blues because of its depth of color and timeless hue.

Paint Color Combo #5 – Light Gray, White, and Black

Does it get any more classic than gray, white, and black? Not when it comes to paint! There are so many beautiful light gray paint colors to choose from, but for this one we went with Roycroft Mist Gray SW 2844 from the historical collection. You could also swap that color out for something like Light French Gray SW 0055 if you want a more cool-toned look. To keep things soft and simple we’ve paired Mist Gray with Alabaster SW 7008. This is a really tried and true white from Sherwin Williams that gives a nice crisp contrast. To round everything out we’ve included a cult favorite of ours, Iron Ore SW 7069 which is a soft black with a slightly gray undertone, but you could swap this out for a more true black like Tricorn Black SW 6258. 


Classic Paint Color Combinations

We really hope this you feel more confident when it comes to choosing paint color combinations. Although none of these top 5 paint color combinations make a huge statement, they are simple, classic, and really versatile. For more color combination inspiration and paint color ideas please be sure to follow us on Instagram and Pinterest where we post daily. Lastly, you check out our other article, How to Choose the Perfect Paint Color to help you nail down your options even further. Thanks for reading!



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