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Discover The Best Paint Colors for Selling A House Quickly

Gray painted interior

Everyone knows how crazy the Denver housing market has been and one of the questions we get asked most often by sellers is which paint colors are the best to sell a home quickly? In this market you want to get the most out of selling your home, so choosing the best paint color for selling can make a big difference on your return. A good way to think about choosing a paint color is to pick colors that will help create a blank canvas.  

Selling your home is all about creating a space where someone else can see themselves living there. They can picture their belongings and their personality being infused into the space, so something neutral is always a great option. If you’re planning on selling your home soon then keep reading for our top five interior paint colors for selling your home.

Our Top 5 Neutral Paint Colors for Selling Your Home

Best Off-White – Modern Gray SW 7632

modern gray painted interior with color swatch

When you’re selling your home the best paint colors will typically help the space feel unified, bright, open, and airy.  Modern Gray from Sherwin Williams is a great off-white option. It has a slightly gray undertone with just a touch of warmth which makes it versatile and fresh. We love this for an open space or used in multiple rooms to create unity.

Best Greige – Worldly Gray SW 7043

photo of an interior painted by kind home solutions featuring worldly gray sw 7043


This is a classic go-to paint color for clients selling their homes. Worldly Gray is a great “greige” or warm gray and is perfect for spaces that have both warm and cool elements. To create harmony and flow, Worldly Gray is a great option that can play with light and appear different in each space. We work with multiple realtors and this is also a favorite of theirs so we highly recommend Worldly Gray for your consideration!


Best White – Creamy SW 7012

photo of an interior in denver painted by kind home solutions featuring creamy sw 7012


The key to choosing a great white paint color for your interior is making sure it isn’t too white. Creamy is a beautiful soft white that has a touch of warmth to it. This will help create contrast between the walls and baseboards which makes things feel crisp and sharp. Stark whites like Pure White SW 7005 are much better for a very modern style of home, but can make other house styles feel more like rentals so we definitely recommend a white with a bit more pigment and warmth to it.

Best Tan – Natural Linen SW 9109

Beige and tans are a huge trend for the 2022 paint season and they are great options for selling your home. To pick the best tan paint color for your home be sure to look for a tan or beige that feels more modern. Natural Linen is a wonderful choice because it doesn’t have a very strong yellow or pink undertone. This helps it feel more updated and fresh rather than outdated. photo of an interior painted by kind home solutions featuring Natural linen SW 9109


Best Light Gray – Repose Gray SW 7015

photo of an interior painted by kind home solutions featuring repose gray sw 7015 and a color swatch


Gray can catch a bad rep, but when it comes to selling your home it can be a wonderful option. If you have a home that has a more modern or contemporary feel then we love going with something like Repose Gray from Sherwin Williams on the walls. This is a nice light gray that won’t make the space feel heavy. It’s also not too cool toned so it brings a sense of balance to a space.

How to Choose the Best Paint Color for Selling Your Home

To keep things simple, we recommend pairing any of these colors with a crisp white trim color like Pure White SW 7005. Painting your trim is a very important step that should not be skipped as buyers often look at baseboards to get a feel for how well the home was maintained. Dirty, dingy baseboards will detract from freshly painted walls, so go ahead and include those in your project.

Remember, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you are trying to create a blank canvas that others can project their own style onto. The best paint colors that will garner the best return on your investment will be light, airy, and universally enjoyed. You should take a look at the undertones of fixed features within your home like flooring, countertops, cabinets, and tile to determine which neutral is best for you. When in doubt, contact a professional color consultant for additional support! For more help on how to choose the right paint color for you, check out our other article, How to Choose the Perfect Paint Color



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