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4 Signs It’s Time to Repaint Your Home’s Interior

To paint? Or not to paint?  This is a great question that a lot of homeowners wrestle with.

When it comes to painting the exterior of your home, it’s not super difficult to tell when the time is right.  If the paint is failing, you need to paint to protect your home from moisture and rot. 

But what about the interior of your home? 

Painting the inside of your home is not really about protecting it as much as it is about making it feel like YOUR home.

So, how do you know when it’s time to paint it?

Paint Your Interior When You Don’t Like the Colors 

The answer is simple. You should paint the inside of your home when you don’t like the way it looks or you want to change the atmosphere of your home.

Painting is one of, if not the most affordable way to bring new life to your interior.

Outside of not liking how your interior looks or feels, there are other instances where it makes sense to pull the trigger on a paint project.

1. Worn Down Paint

One of the most obvious times to re-paint is when the paint is clearly starting to wear down. You can only clean paint so often before you start rubbing the color away. And who wants to see discoloration on their walls?

Or maybe the sheen of the paint (sheen is what protects your paint and makes it cleanable. The more shine it has, the more cleanable and durable it is) has started to fade away and you can no longer clean the dirt or scuff marks.  

No matter how hard you try, those marks stay right there.  This is very common on trim and doors, because those are higher traffic areas that get touched or bumped into often. 

Over time the current color just wears down, and those marks aren’t going anywhere until they are covered with a fresh coat of paint. You need to repaint the places that have been worn down with paint. 

2. Repair Work 

Another great time for a repaint is after any kind of repair work. Patching a hole in the wall?  Had a leak through the ceiling?  Re-finished your bathroom? 

Those areas will need to be textured, primed, and painted after the repairs.  And unfortunately, touch up work is going to stick out like a sore thumb. 

Even if you use the exact same color that was previously on the wall or ceiling, you will be able to see those touch-ups.  

If you find yourself in this situation the best solution is to take advantage of this opportunity to update that space by painting the whole room. 

It is also an easier, and sometimes cheaper, time to paint because that room will likely already be prepped out for the repairs and touch ups.

3. Outdated Interior

Maybe parts of your interior are outdated and you don’t like the way a part of your house looks.  If this rings true for you, maybe it’s time for an update.

Your kitchen cabinets, trim, railing and doors may all be stained wood and you prefer the trendy white look. While painting stained wood is not cheap, it is way cheaper than getting new cabinets or trim installed. A new paint job can bring out your interior’s beauty again. 

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And if they are in good shape, there is no need to spend the extra money on a new installation because if the painting is done right, it will look beautiful.

There are also some less obvious times when repainting may make a lot of sense. Most of these instances surround life events. 

4. Life Changing Events

Perhaps you are selling your home….  

Painting your home can help provide an updated look to help it sell faster.  First impressions mean a lot, and walking into a freshly painted house is much more inviting than walking into a home that hasn’t been painted in 20 years.  

Or maybe you just bought a home…  

If you just purchased a new home, we’re sure you love it the way it is. But would you rather see the colors someone else picked out on your walls everyday or the colors you picked out?

Re-painting your interior can truly make it feel like YOUR home.  There is also no better time to paint than when you just purchased. This will give the best opportunity to add your personality and style to your interior. 

A new job or a promotion?  

Maybe you will be spending more time in that office of yours. Reward yourself by getting a fresh coat of paint on the walls. 

Did you just get through a tough divorce or separation? 

Updating the color scheme of your home will make it feel like a whole new world in there.  

Or perhaps you are going to have a baby… 

You will probably be pretty busy once the new family member arrives. It might be easier and less stressful to get this work done beforehand.

Some Other Interior Painting Advice

When you are planning an interior paint project, it is OKAY to break that project up into a couple different parts. It’s not cheap to get a great paint job, so for a lot of people it makes sense to split the project up. The most affordable and logical way to break up an interior paint project is by splitting it up by rooms or by areas of the house instead of breaking it up by different items (walls, ceilings, trim). 

For example, let’s say you have eight different rooms that need walls and ceilings painted. It makes more sense to paint each of these items in four of the rooms at once and then paint everything in the four other rooms at a later time. As compared to painting the walls in all eight rooms, and then painting the ceilings and trim in all of the rooms at a later point in time.

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The reason this is more affordable and efficient comes down to the prep work. If a room is prepped out to paint, you should complete all the painting needed in that room completed at that point in time.

Taping everything off and covering everything with paper and plastic takes a good amount of time and adds a lot of labor to any job. 

In the second scenario of painting the walls in all eight rooms first and ceilings later, you will have to pay for all those rooms to be prepped out twice. In the first scenario you are only paying for the eight rooms to get prepped out once.  Thus, you save money doing complete rooms instead of portions of rooms.


The bottom line is that when it comes to painting the interior of your home there’s never a bad or wrong time to do it. It can seem overwhelming at first, but if you are ready to tackle that project, it makes it a lot easier if you team up with a company you can trust. 

Ideally you should work with a company or a professional painter that can help you pick the right colors, walk you through the process step by step, has a satisfaction guarantee and does not require a deposit.  

Make sure to work with a company that truly cares about you and your project.  A Kind company.  Follow this advice and you won’t regret it. Happy painting! Cheers!

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