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Benefits of a Color Consultant

Colors are overwhelming. If you’ve ever strolled through a Home Depot or specialty paint store you’ve probably noticed that it is impossible to ignore sprawling rows of paint with every color under the sun. If you’ve ventured to those color walls for your own projects, you might have felt a sense of horror overcome you.

This is the reality sinking in that choosing paint colors might not be as easy as it seems. While it’s great to have options, the quantity of options that go into choosing paint can be quite overwhelming, even for a seasoned painting professional. 

Don’t fear! You don’t have to face this alone. To streamline your process and make your color worries go away, consider hiring a color consultant. A color consultant has a sharp eye, vast paint and color knowledge, as well as a creative outlook on how to help you best achieve your home design goals

Whether you’re a home project novice or have some experience with painting, there are major benefits for booking a personalized appointment with a professional color consultant.

A Color Consultant Will Melt Away Stress

A huge advantage to scheduling a color consultation is that your consultant will travel to you at your convenience with the color offerings of top paint companies. This way you don’t have to hassle with multiple trips to pick up paint swatches that wind up looking very different in your own space. 

The main reason why an in-person meeting is much more beneficial than the virtual options that many companies offer is because it is crucial to view colors under your own unique lighting situations. 

Color is easily distorted by our different computer settings so having the true swatches your consultant carries around with them is the absolute best way to make decisions. 

Those problematic undertones won’t stump you when you have a trained professional to point them out and explain what is happening. You can take a deep breath knowing that you have someone to strategically guide you through these tricky color possibilities.

A Professional Color Consultant Has Broad Knowledge of Color Trends, Classic Paint Color Schemes, and All the In-Betweens

If color is a complete mystery to you or you just aren’t sure where to begin, a color consultant will assess the style of your home and ask helpful questions to determine your design preferences.

This will shape a sturdy jumping off point for what kinds of colors will work with your architecture and personal design goals. Your consultant is at your disposal to offer strategic advice based on what you want to achieve. They will help guide you to create an overall balance within the scheme. 

Whether your paint project is intended solely to improve your own personal space or to help with selling your home, your consultant will have a strong grasp on color successes and failures. Even if you feel like you know exactly which hue to choose, a consultant is a wonderful resource to bounce those ideas off of.

The people who have chosen to work in this field are color fanatics and feel a great sense of pride in making it accessible and loved by all. 

With their experience on a wide array of projects and a foundation of color psychology, they can help to ensure that you are choosing the most harmonious colors to your situation. 

A color consultant is skilled in refining ideas and building palettes so it is very common for them to make wonderful suggestions that haven’t crossed your mind.

They are an invaluable resource for coming up with creative solutions for indecisions within any project, big or small.

Working with a Color Consultant Can Help Save Time and Money

Being certain the first go around is ideal for a home project of any size, but with a full interior or exterior paint job, the stakes can feel much higher and more daunting. 

The last thing anyone wants is to feel confident about the color choices initially, but then completely disappointed with the reveal. Having a one-on-one with a color expert helps to ensure that you pick colors that accurately reflect what you envision in the space

People often get caught up spending hours upon hours scrolling for inspiration, not to mention the endless trips to the local paint store as stated above. A color consultation can take away that hassle and create a stream-lined approach to paint selection. They will help you avoid the  “what ifs” and costly mistakes. 

A consultant is well-versed in the tendency of colors and how they functioned for past clients. This gives them a distinct perspective and indispensable experience that can span decades. They know which colors have led to gorgeous transformations and which colors fell flat.

All this knowledge culminates into reassurance that together you can overcome any fears and get it perfect the first go around.

Paint Products Debunked

There are a lot of decisions when it comes to house painting. There are so many different paint brands, paint sheens, paint types, and countless hues.

What is the difference between an eggshell finish and a satin finish?

What is the deal with Sherwin Williams versus Benjamin Moore paint?

 How do you decipher it all and be certain you have the right hue, undertone, sheen and finish?

Knowing the ins and outs of all these aspects is all second nature to your consultant. The scope of the project and the ideal lifetime for your paint are both big considerations your consultant will take into account when answering any questions related to this part of your project.

Taking out any guesswork will improve the look and feel of your project. They will be able to break down the ideal options for you and exactly why this is so. 

To Wrap Up

There really isn’t a better way to make sure that your design goals are being met than to take some time out of your day to meet with a color professional.

Avoid disappointments, pitfalls, and hidden surprises that can arise. Your home is as special as you are, so treat it that way. 

Make things easy on yourself, say goodbye to any doubts, and book a Color Consultation to make your home improvement dreams a reality.

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