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What’s New with Kind Home Solutions?

With only a couple months left of our exterior painting season, we’re excited to wrap things up and look to the future. We love to keep you in the loop, so we wanted to fill you in on what’s new with Kind Home Solutions and what to expect from us this winter. You might be surprised to learn what we do during the colder months, so keep reading to learn more!

How Late Can You Paint in Colorado?

Believe it or not, we are about to wrap up our fourth exterior painting season. That means it’s time to get your ducks in a row. Late summer and early fall are both great times to paint your home, but they can also be very busy times for your local painter. A lot of clients are curious about when we stop painting exteriors. Each painting company will have their own standards when it comes to season closures, but we’ll typically schedule exterior painting projects through the end of October. We choose to do this because the weather and lack of daylight make it difficult to paint later in the fall season. 

Although there are times where the paint season can be pushed later into the year, we’ve found that many projects completed in November end up failing prematurely. Colder weather can cause things such as failing caulk, bubbling, cracking, and peeling paint. For this reason, we recommend trying your best to schedule your paint project before the end of October.

Now that we’re in September, there are less than 10 weeks left to get your exterior painting projects wrapped up. If you still need to paint before the snow flies, here are some quick next steps to help make sure your project can be completed this year:

  1. Schedule your paint estimate. Save time and schedule online here!
  2. Reserve your project dates
  3. Choose your paint colors and submit them for HOA approval (be sure to double check with your Homeowners Association to confirm how long approval will take)

Addressing the Biggest Issue with Contractors

One of the number one complaints in our industry is about communication. Clients often feel that their contractors don’t communicate often or well enough to set them up for success and we were excited to tackle a challenge like this. Relaying information can be tricky. Different people prefer different forms of communication, so we knew we had to get creative.  When it comes to problems like this, we like to look at a number of options including technology driven solutions. In this day and age, technology is everywhere, so why not utilize it to help clients? We did just that when we decided to automate text and email reminders regarding when a technician will arrive at your house.

By integrating this service we are able to offer greater clarity and more frequent updates to clients. This has helped each client understand where they are within the process and what to expect. Having work completed on your home, even a painting project, can be stressful and confusing. These solutions help to streamline the process and put the client at ease, which is always our focus.

Holiday Lights Are Coming

An aerial photo of a holiday light installation by kind home solutions with lights on the roofline and trees

So, what do we do in the winter? Well, as things wind down with exterior painting our teams switch gears and start focusing on spreading a little holiday cheer. We do this by installing and maintaining custom holiday light displays for our clients. We absolutely love being able to hang Christmas lights! Getting to see how special are for not only our clients, but for their entire family and neighborhood, is a joy. We use commercial grade materials for our lighting displays and custom build them to fit your house. That means there will be no extra lights where they shouldn’t be. Each design is built on site and our team maintains your lights throughout the holiday season. So, if there is any trouble with your lights, our team will be there to fix them.

We do holiday light installations in the surrounding Denver metro area. You can check out our service area map to see if we are able to do holiday lights for you or your neighbors.

Interested in professional Christmas lights?  Here’s what you need to know!

  • Your light display is custom built to fit your home
  • We do lights on rooflines, trees, and bushes
  • Your display comes with a photovoltaic timer for hassle free operation
  • We warranty the lights throughout the season so if there’s ever a problem, just let us know!
  • We start lighting estimates at the end of September
  • Lighting spots are typically booked for the season before the beginning of December so act fast!

To learn more, check out our blog: Everything You Need To Know About Holiday Lights. If you’re interested in a quote on holiday lights, fill out this form and a team member will contact you in the fall for a free quote!

To see some of our Holiday Lights displays, check out our Instagram, Pinterest or Holiday Lights page. Thanks for reading about what’s new with Kind Home Solutions! Hopefully you’ll see us spreading holiday cheer in your neighborhood!



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