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What To Expect From A Pressure Wash

The Pressure Washing Process from Start to Finish 

Here in Colorado your home takes a beating from the elements, which leaves your exterior covered in dirt, grime, dust, cobwebs and more. That’s why pressure washing is a very important part of the exterior painting process. A pressure wash is a quick and easy way to clear off all the excess dirt and oxidation. It also provides a clean surface for paint to stick to. A lot of clients are often afraid that a pressure wash will damage their exterior, but there is nothing to fear! Our pressure wash is just a light, harmless rinsing of your exterior. Keep reading to learn more about pressure washing and what you can expect when working with our team. 

The Importance of a Pressure Wash

As we mentioned above, a pressure wash is a vital part of prepping your home for your paint job, but it’s also important to annually rinse your home to ensure that your paint job lasts. That dirt, grime, wind  and debris that your exterior faces can lead to early decay and damage to your paint job. Pressure washing annually or even bi-annually is a great way to keep your exterior pristine and protect your investment! You likely wash your car on a regular basis, why not wash your home as well?

If you’re not much of a reader and want to skip to the good stuff, just watch this video instead 🙂

Our Pressure Washing Process


It all starts with the scheduling of your pressure wash. You’ll receive the dates for your pressure wash in an email the Friday prior to the week of your pressure washing. We always schedule each pressure wash and any other preliminary work your home may need a week in advance of your paint job. This way, when our painters arrive at your home they can get right to work!

Your next point of contact will be directly with your Pressure Wash Technician the day of your pressure wash. They’ll give you a phone call or send you a text when they’re on their way to your home. Once they arrive they’ll give your door a knock to let you know that they’re on site and going to begin. 

What We Need From You

Before we can pressure wash your home there are a few things that we do need you to do to prepare your home:

  1. Make sure the water is turned on
  2. Unlock all gates 
  3. Ensure we have access to all four sides of your home
  4. Close all windows and door

pressure washing the side of a home to prepare for exterior paint

These few simple steps are vital for a smooth operation, especially ensuring the windows/doors are closed. While we do avoid washing near doors, it’s still important to make sure they’re closed. The last thing anyone wants is water to get into their home! We also avoid washing near lights and power supplies so we don’t damage anything important on your property. 

Pressure Washing 

Once our Pressure Wash Technician is ready to go they’ll locate your water hose/spigot and connect our pressure wash hose to it. Then they’ll fire up the pressure washer and begin the washing process. 

At Kind Home Solutions we love trying to find innovative ways for our team to do their  jobs, which makes for a better client experience. That’s why we designed our own Pressure Washing rig and attached it to one of our trucks. Check it out:

pressure washing rig attached to the bed of a truck
This drastically reduces our time at your home, so we are out of your way in a flash!

As we mentioned earlier, this is a light rinse or your home. We are mainly focused on getting the dirt and debris off the exterior to provide that smooth, oxidation free surface for our paint to adhere to. 

It’s also important to note that we do all of our pressure washes safely from the ground. Therefore, no ladders will be used and we will not need to access your roof. If there are any areas that our technician misses during your pressure wash, don’t worry! Our painters will take care of them and wipe those areas off by hand. 

Wrap Up

Image of pressure wash technician pressure washing the side of a home to prepare for paintWhen our Technician is finished they’ll give your door another knock or give you a call to inform you the pressure wash is complete. You’ll have their direct number so if any issues arise feel free to give them a call or shoot them a text so we can address that as soon as possible. And just like that, you have a clean home that is ready for a new coat of paint!

If you’d like to meet our Pressure Wash Technician, check out his bio video here



Every home is different; therefore, every home needs a different amount of time and maintenance. With that being said, you can expect your pressure wash to take between 20-60 minutes depending on its size and complexity. To learn more, check out this article on the benefits of pressure washes. If you’re interested in our bi-annual or annual pressure wash plan, let your Estimator or Client Account Manager know and we’ll get you signed up. We hope this helped you understand our process better and that it prepared you for your pressure wash!



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