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Most Popular Front Door Colors 2018 – Find the Front Door Color for You

It’s a new year and we’re looking at the most popular front door colors for 2018. As a home painting company, we have some ideas for you!  Bold front doors have become a big things over the last few years and it’s a great trend to jump on since it doesn’t require too much on your end.  We’ll be following up with a DIY on how to paint your front door but first things first, let’s get into choosing the right color for your front door.

  1. Do a quick assessment of your home.  You’ll need to decide if you want to look at painting your entire home with a new scheme or if you’re just looking to do the front door.  Obviously, if you just want to repaint your front door you’ll need to find a statement color that will work with the existing color scheme.  Either way, it will be important for you to know what your color limitations are based on your home’s personality.
  2. Look at complimentary colors.  Do you remember those color wheels from art class back when you were in school?  Well, those are perfect for understanding complementary colors.  Essentially, the complementary colors are each opposite color on the wheel.  For example; if you have a mainly blue home then the complementary color you might look at would be orange.  This doesn’t mean you need to look at the brightest, boldest colors.  It’s just to point you in the right direction.
  3. Consider the top trending colors.  2018 has already seen a lot of big, bold colors from paint manufactures so it’s looking like the brighter the better.  That being said the biggest trends for 2018 are bright doors.  Think bright, cobalt blue, happy yellows, rich reds, and funky oranges.  These may not be right for your home or personality and if that’s the case be sure to check out our next tip.
  4. Stick with the classics.  A black front door can rarely steer you wrong.  If you’re uncomfortable with the really BRIGHT front door colors that are trending this year stick with a shiny black or a more earthy tone.  The objective is to create a focal point not an eyesore.
  5. Go online for inspiration.  If you don’t already have a Pinterest account you need to get one asap (they’re completely free)!  Pinterest allows you to create boards and save “pins” to those boards for later.  Create your front door pin and start searching!  If you’re not sure where to begin, check out our front door board for more inspiration.

This trend of bold, stand out front doors probably won’t be going anywhere soon so dive in and have fun.  Think about the front doors that you’ve seen online or in your neighborhood that have felt really welcoming to you.  Ultimately this is about expressing who you are and giving your home some personality so let your hair down, roll your sleeves up, and get BOLD.



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