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Do I Need To Be Home When You Paint My House?

A question we often hear is “Do I need to be home when you paint my house?”  This is a great question, and for some parts of the process you will need to be home, but not all. Read on to learn about the parts of our process that you will need to be home for.

Do I Need To Be Home When You Paint You Paint My House?

The first part of our process is the estimate, and you will for sure need to be home for this. We do all of our estimates in person. An estimator will come to your home to walk your house with you so that we give you the best estimate we can. We make sure to note any issues with wood rot, siding or gutters that will need to be repaired before the painting process starts. We also want to make sure that you understand everything that goes into your painting estimate and what our industry leading paint warranty includes. Estimates take between 1-2 hours, and you will need to be there at the beginning and end of the estimate. This helps us get a very clear idea of what your expectations are and gives us the opportunity to review everything and make sure we’ve found a solution you feel comfortable with.

Until your initial walk through and the start of your paint job, everything in between can be completed online or over the phone. This includes scheduling your project, picking your colors and submitting them to our team. You will schedule your painting job with one of our client account managers, including discussing any access issues such as fences, dogs etc. You will then move on to picking your colors. If you need help picking a color, check out our Design Center for inspiration! Additionally, the Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer Tool is a fantastic tool to help. Check out this blog post for more information on how to use this powerful tool. Once you’ve picked colors you will then submit them via our online color release forms. This is our exterior color release form and here is our interior color release form.

Paint Prep

Typically any wood or gutter replacement happens the week before your painting. We do not require for anyone to be home during this step however, we will require access to all areas being replaced. This usually means we need access to the backyard and for any pets to be inside. For the pressure wash, that also happens the week before and we don’t need anyone home but we do need access to the backyard, access to a spigot, and for all windows to be closed. We’ll send an email letting you know which day(s) we plan to be out for each of the steps.

Initial Walk through To Painting

The next step in the process where you will need to be home is for the initial walk through with your project supervisor. During this step, you will meet with your project supervisor before your job begins to make sure that we are all on the same page about your project and that your colors are confirmed. Then the team gets to work on your painting project! While the team is painting your house, the only time that you’ll need to be there is if we’re painting your front door. We will need your front door to be open to allow for the painting of the door and trim. If you have an interior painting project with us, you will need to be there to give us access to your house and let the team in each morning.

Final Walk Through

Once your project is complete, you will have a final walk through with your project supervisor. This allows us both to make sure the project is completed to your satisfaction and that we address any touch ups that need to be completed. It’s important that we have this final walk through with you scheduled and kept as it helps finalize your project and ensures that the next project can proceed on time. We kindly ask that you make sure to make this final walk through a priority! 

So that’s it! The times that you’ll need to be home for your painting project are the estimate, the initial walk through, for painting the front door and the final walk through. Other than that, everything else can be completed over the phone and via email. We hope that answers your question of “Do I Need To Be Home When You Paint My House?” If you have any questions about the process to paint your home or you’d like to schedule your free estimate, please give us a call at 720-370-3063. 



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