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Cost of Holiday Light Installation

cost of christmas light installationThe holiday season is fast approaching, and with it the cumbersome task of hanging and installing your holiday lights. You know the routine… find the lights in storage, carry them outside, untangle the lights, check for broken bulbs… and that’s just to get the lights ready, not counting installing them!  But there is a better way! Let the professionals at Kind Home Solutions help this holiday season by having us help with your holiday light installation.

If you’re like most homeowners, the first question is always… well what will that cost?  Kind Home Solutions offers holiday light installation for all budgets but it’s important to understand all of the benefits we offer with our lighting services:

What is included in the cost of Christmas Light installation?

  • Commercial Grade Lights – We use the best C7 and C9 bulbs to make your house shine brightly!
  • Customized Designs – No two houses are the same, and neither should their holiday lights be! Our consultants will work with you to make sure that your design is custom-made for your house.
  • Wreaths and Garlands – We don’t just stop at the lights!  We can help with any specialty items that you’d like to help your house really stand out. 
  • Full installation, take down storage—we cover all the bases. We complete the full installation and removal, and even store your lights for next year.
  • Lifetime Warranty – You won’t need to worry about your lights going out or breaking. We offer a warranty throughout the season and will come to fix any issues that may pop up.
  • All Supplies Necessary – We will help you from start to finish, including all the items needed. This means extension cords and timers to the lights and installation.

cost of holiday light installationHow Do We Charge for Holiday Light Installation?

We charge based on the amount of lights that are needed, at an average of $4-6 per foot of lights.  Things like trees or large shrubs and specialty items like wreaths or garlands can make that cost go up, but many customers find that these additional items really make their house standout.  Most of our holiday light installations range from $600 to $900, but we can create a design that works within any budget, so give us a call and lets create a Christmas lighting design for your house. 

The benefits listed above are more than enough reason to want to have a professional install your holiday lights this year, but one of the best aspects of our holiday light installation is that you own the lights. We’ll store them for you to install next holiday season which will cut down on the cost for next year since you’ll already own the lights and supplies!  No more hauling boxes in and out of the basement or garage




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