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Benjamin Moore Aura Exterior Paint – The Best House Paint Yet?

Aura – Benjamin Moore

We love this paint, and so many house painters, painting contractors, and DIYers do to. This paint is not your traditional paint from Home Depot. This paint is power packed. 100% top of the line. If you are considering getting a paint job and your looking for quality, this is the highest quality paint on the market.

Where do you find aura? Guirys or any other Benjamin Moore retailer. Aura is a Benjamin Moore product. If you are familiar with them, then you know that they are all about quality. Aura is the top of the line product at Benjamin Moore, so if they believe it is the best paint it’s going to be good. There are many reasons why Aura is so amazing, keep reading to understand why!


Benjamin Moore Aura Statement

As Benjamin Moore explains this product; “experience premium performance in Aura paint, it boasts incredible hide, and fade and color rub-off resistance. When nothing less than the best will do, select Benjamin Moore Aura interior and exterior paint.’ This is why professional paint contractors like Kind Home Solutions love this paint!

Why Aura is so Amazing

-ColorLock Technology

-Freedom of Choice


-Color Affinity

ColorLock Technology

Through the next generation in paint technology, Benjamin Moore Aura paint brings color with less work and more durability. Colorlock technology is unique in the industry, and it will bring richer colors and unsurpassed performance. Not only is Benjamin Moore Paint amazingly good, it is also an extremely low voc paint making it environmentally friendly and odorless.

This technology distinguishes Aura from virtually every other paint on the market. Color pigments are microscopically bonded to dry paint film, permanently locking in color for richer, more enticing hues and a new standard in durability. ColorLock is a four-part system that elevates the performance of 100% acrylic paint to exciting breakthrough levels. Click here to read more about this technology.

Freedom of Choice

Aura paint is extremely durable. It has new resin technology which allows you the freedom to use any sheen, in any color, anywhere. You won’t need to use semi-gloss or eggshell when you need durability. With Aura you can use a matte, eggshell or satin finish for the bath. Each sheen has the same unsurpassed washability, durability, stain resistance, mildew resistance and scuff resistance. Aura also has a incredibly smooth finish. You can feel the difference when you touch it.


Nothing covers your surfaces like Aura. Total coverage with one coat of paint with most colors. In conventional paints, the deeper the hue, the more coats needed for good coverage. Drying times are quicker also!

Color Affinity

Benjamin Moore developed a new collection of complementary colors available in Aura. The Affinity Colors Palatte is a collection of 144 colors that seamlessly harmonize with one another. Aura paint technologically advanced system with Affinity Colors’ premium pigments to reveal the full nuance and personality of each dimensional hue. Conventional paint systems cannot duplicate the performance of Affinity Colors due to Benjamin Moore’s proprietary color technology (ColorLock).

12 Year Warranty

At Kind Home Solutions we offer a 12 year warranty when using this product because we believe that it’s truly the best!

Aura Paint Features

Washable in any sheen

Exceptional flow and leveling

Seamless touch-up

Richer color

Maximum hide in all colors

144 exclusive, harmonious colors

Unsurpassed surface smoothness you can feel as well as see

Low VOCs for environmental protection

That’s it! If your looking the absolute quality this is what you are looking for.



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