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5 Happy Interior Inspirations: Hump Day Picks

It’s Wednesday, aka hump day.  Hump days are happy days because we are over the work week hump and we can see the weekend approaching. So, in celebration of this happy hump day we are bringing you some interior decorating inspiration that will bring a smile to your face.  Treat yourself to some of these interior decoration ideas and every day can be a little happier.

Want more colors inspiration? Check out Redbook, Apartment Therapy, or Pinterest for all the funky doors.

Play with a Pop of Color

Hiring an interior painter or painting yourself can bring vibrant life to a room and create a positive atmosphere.  We’re not just saying this because we’re an interior painter though. Certain colors are proven to improve your mood and increase creativity.  For example; yellow has been shown to make people happy. Don’t limit yourself there though. Choose your favorite color and paint the interior of a whole room, an accent wall, or even just a door!

You know if Better Homes & Gardens is recommending it, it’s probably a good idea. Find more wallpaper inspo right here.

Ditch the Paint and Slap on Some Funky Wallpaper

We aren’t all interior painters. Some of us downright hate painting.  So, if you still want to see a change and add some fun to a space try wallpaper.  Before you say hell no hear us out. Wallpaper has come a long way from the stuff your grandma had.  It’s not just flower or “country” motifs. Wallpaper comes in all colors, designs, and even textures. It’s also much easier to install than ever before with things like temporary wallpaper.  Express yourself and get your happy on with a print you love and feel the difference!

From left to right: My Scandinavian Home, Oh Happy Day, CB2.

Invest in some Plants, People!

We don’t know about you but in our office, plants cover our window sill. We fit as many plants as we could on there because plants make us happy and happy people just don’t shoot their coworkers. They just don’t.  Okay, okay that was a take on Legally Blonde and we don’t know if plants will cut down on workplace drama but they do have some great benefits. Plants purify the air and bring life to a space. That’s right, plants are living things (who knew?) and they help make a room feel more alive and lived in.  If you’re afraid you can’t keep a plant alive check out our blog on the best house plants or get a fake plant. Yes, even fake plants can improve your mood!

Liz Marie is all about the cozy aesthetic. Check her blog out here!

Cozy Up Your Space

There’s nothing better than being bundled up and cozy in your own home. We can all agree on that, right?  Take the opportunity to cozy up your space with different elements. These include pillows, different textures, books, candles.  Pretty much anything that makes the space feel warm, inviting, and of course lived in.

Check out @KirstyCane on Instagram for more!

Minimize and Get Rid of Your Junk

A lot of these tips have been about adding things to your home.  That isn’t always the best tactic though. Clutter, junk, and the like all can lead to stress and a feeling of chaos.  Don’t believe us? Just check out Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix and feel the joy! Seriously though decluttering is an important part of clearing your brain of everything you don’t need to worry about.  The less you worry the happier you are.

Ultimately whether it’s your office, your home, or some other personal space it should reflect who you are and make you happy.  Why wouldn’t you want your interior to be happy? Are we crazy? We certainly hope we aren’t. That being said we do hope that you find at least one tip to make this hump day the best hump day yet.

Thank you so much for reading and make it a kind day!



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