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What are VOC’s? -Low VOC Painting

So, what are VOC’s?

This is probably the most frequently asked question we get here at Kind Home Solutions and to be fair, it’s a great question. With more and more Colorado homeowners taking a hard look at the impact they make on the environment it’s no surprise that VOC’s have made their way into the conversation.


VOC’s, or volatile organic compounds, are organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature and are typically found in exterior and interior paint products. You’ve probably noticed there’s a distinct smell to paint, those are VOC’s releasing as gases into the atmosphere. According to the EPA these compounds are not only damaging to the environment, they pose a serious threat to your health. Paint is not the only source of VOC’s; they can come from hobby and craft supplies as well as cleaning products. The important thing for you to understand, as a homeowner, is how you can combat these compounds and keep your home and family safe.


This awareness is especially important when you are looking at painting the interior of the home. As you could guess, when you are working on an interior painting project ventilation is key. When you use a low to no-VOC, or environmentally responsible product, you reduce the risk of anyone in your family experiencing adverse effects throughout the painting process. Low VOC products promise a lower emission of these fumes and gases and no-VOC paint promises zero emissions which means you and your family will be more comfortable throughout the painting process.


When we paint your home, Kind Home Solutions exclusively uses exterior and interior painting products that meet the highest VOC regulation requirements. Benjamin Moore’s exterior and interior products are top of the line as far as quality and, as a company, they lead the charge in advocating for environmentally responsible paints. By working with no-VOC paints we are able to offer products that are durable, provide outstanding coverage, and will be the safest choice for you and your family. Kind Home Solutions also does this in the most cost effective way to ensure pricing can be competitive and you get the greatest value. VOC’s don’t have to be a concern if you choose the right painting contractor who understands your concerns and will deliver on their promises.



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