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Top 10 Sherwin Williams HOA Paint Schemes for Tallyn’s Reach

Choosing paint colors can be a challenge, but some HOAs provide their community with pre-approved or suggested color schemes to help homeowners along. We do a lot of work in the Tallyn’s Reach community in Aurora, and we love how their colors work together to make the neighborhood feel unified. Tallyn’s Reach is on the east side of town, so as an Aurora painter we know how important a great paint job is since this area is so heavily impacted by hail. Since our homeowners in Aurora need to take extra steps to keep their home protected we use only the top of the line Sherwin Williams prep and paint products.  All of our schemes selected below are Sherwin Williams colors available in both Emerald and Emerald Rain Refresh.  Keep reading to see our top ten Tallyn’s Reach color schemes.

Our Top Recommended HOA Color Schemes for Tallyn’s Reach Aurora, CO

1. Scheme #31: Comfort Gray SW 6205, Divine White SW 6105, and Retreat SW 6207

Sherwin Williams comfort gray sw 6205 color mock up on home

Tallyn’s reach doesn’t have a lot of cool toned color schemes which means that if you pick this scheme, your home will likely stand out amongst your neighbors.  Comfort Gray SW 6205 from Sherwin Williams is a beautiful, calming gray that has just a hint of green. The green helps to ground the color a bit and give it more depth than a blue or purple toned gray, which we love! The trim is in Divine White SW 6105 which is a great, creamy white that adds a bit of warmth to the scheme but isn’t too yellow so it does keep things fresh. The accent color of Retreat SW 6207 is very complementary to Comfort Gray and keeps the scheme very harmonious.

2. Scheme #2: Mountain Road SW 7743, Balanced Beige SW 7037, and Raisin SW 7630

Sherwin Williams mountain road sw 7743 color mock up on home

Green can be a very polarizing color for clients, but this gray-green adds some color to your home without being too saturated or bright. Pairing Mountain Road SW 7743 with a modern beige like Balanced Beige SW 7037 that isn’t too pink keeps the scheme fresh and updated.  Raisin SW 7630 on the accents like shutters and doors brings drama and interest without being too bold, which makes this scheme very well rounded and classic.

3. Scheme #10 : Pavestone SW 7642, Shade-Grown SW 6188, and Marooned SW 6020

Sherwin Williams pavestone sw 7642color mock up on home

Pavestone SW 7642 is another great gray option that has more warmth to it with a red undertone.  This is perfect if you like gray, but you don’t want your home to feel too cold or sterile. Pavestone could be paired with a nice white trim but we love that this scheme offers a different contrast with the darker trim color.  Shade-Grown SW 6188 does have some green to it so if you don’t like green then this may not be a good choice for you.  The accent color of Marooned SW 6020 helps tie everything together by emphasizing the warmth of Pavestone while contrasting with Shade-Grown.

4. Scheme #43: Utterly Beige SW 6080, Pacer White SW 6098, and Naval SW 6244

Sherwin Williams utterly beige sw 6080 color mock up on home

This scheme features one of our most popular colors from the last two years so we had to include it on our list.  This color scheme is another nice neutral option that really lets the accent color shine.  Utterly Beige SW 6080 on the body is a warm and slightly pink-y brown that pairs nicely with Pacer White SW 6098. Pacer White helps to tone down the pink undertones in the beige color so you don’t need to worry about your home turning out pink.  Naval SW 6244, Sherwin Williams color of the year for 2020 shines here and helps the entire scheme feel more modern.  Naval is deep, rich, and a beautiful color when the sun hits it so we definitely recommend this scheme.

5. Scheme #27: Resort Tan SW 7550, Best Bronze SW 6160, and Rookwood Dark Brown SW 2808

Sherwin Williams resort tan sw 7550 color mock up on home

If you’re looking for something that’s a bit warmer then this brown scheme might be just the right fit!  Resort Tan SW 7550 is a great medium toned brown that is warm with just a hint of gray to help tone the color down.  Tallyn’s Reach pairs this body color with Best Bronze SW 6160 on the trim.  Best Bronze is another dynamic brown that isn’t too warm but brings a lot of depth to the scheme.  This combination is rounded out with Rookwood Dark Brown from the historic collection which makes this a timeless and effortless scheme for a variety of homes.

6. Scheme #37: Divine White SW 6105, Versatile Gray SW 6072, and Tempe Star SW 6229

Sherwin Williams divine white sw 6105 color mock up on home

This scheme keeps things light and airy with both a light body and trim color.  Divine White SW 6105 is a nice, balanced white that isn’t too warm or cold.  Versatile Gray SW 6072 is another dynamic color that doesn’t come across as too extreme and helps to complement the creamy white body color.  The accent color, Tempe Star SW 6229, is really the star of the show here and brings a fun pop of color and interest to an otherwise neutral scheme.

7. Scheme #39: Tavern Taupe SW 7508, Bungalow Beige SW 7511, and Cordovan SW 6027

Sherwin Williams tavern taupe sw 7508 color mock up on home

Tavern Taupe SW 7508 is one of those colors that people end up turning to over and over again.  Taupe takes the benefits of beige, brown, and gray and helps them all work together simultaneously.  This scheme is no exception with it’s warm, purple-red undertones that provide a welcoming vibe that’s still contemporary and current.  For the trim, we’re looking at Bungalow Beige SW 7511 which pairs perfectly with the undertones of Tavern Taupe.  Pulling everything together, we have Cordovan SW 6027 which is a beautiful deep take on a dusty rose color.  If you have stone or brown brick on your home, this could be a fantastic option for you!

8. Scheme #34: Rushing River SW 7746, Casa Blanca SW 7571, and Midnight SW 6264

Sherwin Williams rushing river sw 7746 color mock up on home

Another gray option here with Rushing River SW 7746. Rushing River is similar to Mountain Road in that it does have a green undertone, which fits perfectly with the Tallyn’s Reach community. What makes this scheme different from the others are the trim and accent colors.  Casa Blanca SW 7571 is a nice creamy white that has just enough yellow to warm up this scheme, but isn’t so white that it brings out too much of the green in Rushing River. Pairing these two colors with Midnight SW 6264, a dark gray purple makes this a very fun and youthful color scheme full of personality.

9. Scheme #36: Pure White SW 7005, Gris SW 7659, and Country Squire SW 6475

Sherwin Williams pure white sw 7005 color mock up on homeThis is another great option if you do like cooler tones and this color combination will help your home feel bigger and more open.  This combination is built around the body of the house being Pure White SW 7005 which is a very bright, crisp white from Sherwin Williams.  Tallyn’s Reach keeps this scheme light and airy with Gris SW 7659 on the trim.  Gris is a fairly neutral gray with a slightly blue undertone, a wonderful departure from a lot of these green-grays.  Punch up the fun with Country Squire SW 6475 as a pop of color on your front door to complete the look.

10. Scheme #44: Morris Room Gray SW 0037, Restful White SW 7563, and Retreat SW 6207

Sherwin Williams morris room gray sw 0037 color mock up on home


Last but certainly not least, we have scheme 44 from the Tallyn’s Reach HOA colors. This scheme is light and classic with a decent amount of contrast between the colors.  Morris Room Grey SW 0037 will provide the most color as the body shade. This is another great gray that is slightly warm which just makes the color more dynamic in nature.  Restful White SW 7563 is a warm white that gives a nice crisp contrast to the body color.  Retreat SW 6207, a very calming green-blue with the perfect amount of gray brings interest to this scheme along with a bit of color.

Tallyn’s Reach HOA Color Approval

If you are part of a covenant controlled community then we always recommend that you reach out to your HOA directly to get the most updated information regarding how and when you should submit paint colors for approval.  Tallyn’s Reach HOA does require that homeowners submit their colors for approval prior to painting and choosing a suggested scheme does not necessarily mean you’ll receive approval. HOAs are not just reviewing the colors you’ve selected, they also want to make sure the houses around you aren’t too similar so keep that in mind as you choose colors.

As always, we do recommend that you purchase test samples before beginning any painting project to confirm your color choice. We hope this provided you with some great color schemes for your paint job, whether you live in Tallyn’s Reach community or elsewhere! Be sure to check out our Instagram and Pinterest for more color inspiration. 



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