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Exploring the Pinnacle of Style: Interior Design Trends 2024

January is nearly over but we’ve still got the new year vibes so we aim to keep things rolling with your resolutions! You may feel refreshed and excited for this year but does something feel off in your home? You woke up to a new year but surrounded by the same walls and that didn’t feel very inspiring, did it? So it’s time to give that interior an updated look to go with 2019 with a new interior paint color scheme.

What’s the best part of owning a home? We think it’s getting to design and make that space your own! A change of color is one of the most common things homeowners look to update often and just like articles of clothing, colors go in and out of season too. Last year it was very common to see homeowners choose light greens, dramatic blues, bold rusty reds, and of course several variations of grays. This year we plan to emphasize on helping our clients get the interior of their dreams by keeping them up to date with the coming trends of 2019. Obviously grays will always be a favorite, their neutrality and variation go well with almost any design but we’ll be sure to see some warmer, softer grays as opposed to the cooler grays.

Some of our favorite grays are Kendall Charcoal HC-166, Revere Pewter HC-172, Metropolitan AF-690

Muted pastels seem to be making a lot of appearances in bathrooms and kitchens for a minimalist design look. When we discuss painting a homes interior recently, these colors come up in the conversation a lot!   These can also really help to make granite counter tops pop!

If you’re considering some pastels this spring we recommend Rose Blush 037, Lake Placid 827, Mint Chocolate Chip 436

If you’re looking for that unique pop of color, try mustard! Similar to gold it can help create a rich accent and highlight decor or art.

Mustard doesn’t have to be just your fave condiment. Try it on your walls with Spicy Mustard 2154-20, Dried Mustard 2158-10, and Apple Crisp 2159-30. Check out @greenandmustard on Instagram for more inspo!


That being said, if you’re trying to create that moody dramatic feel, check out shades of dark green. These work well with any indoor plants you might have; real or fake – we don’t judge.  These colors also help evoke the feeling of nature, healing and lushness but are best used in large, well-lit rooms.

Come to the dark side with a couple our favorite deep greens; Essex Green PM-11, Absolute Green 2043-10, Fiddlehead Green 2041-20


The year has only just begun but like I said here at Kind Home Solutions we like to stay on top of the rising home improvement trends that change throughout the year. So if you’re thinking this is the perfect home project to start on I suggest heading to your nearest paint shop (if you’re here in Colorado with us we highly recommend Guiry’s), grab as many swatches as possible and get creative! We’ve even suggested a few Benjamin Moore colors we love to help you get a head start!



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