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How Professional Painting Helps Improve The Appeal of Your Rental Property

A paint job is the quickest way to make a rental property more attractive. Painting a house is relatively cheap and for a few hundred dollars owners can erase signs of damage within and outside the building. Additionally, the right paint colors will enrich the experience of people living in and visiting the space. A house that has been properly painted will benefit the owner in, at least, three different ways: psychologically, practically, and economically.

  • Psychological: Houses are painted for visual impact; people are naturally drawn to a freshly-painted house.
  • Practical: The paint on the walls of a house is its first line of defense against scuffs, scrapes, and the environment.
  • Economic: Painting is a strategy for attracting the best kind of tenants and boosting the resale value of a property.

There is no question about the value of painting a property. Where controversies might exist is over whether landlords should paint by themselves or hire a professional painter to do it? Given the importance of paint to the long-term profitability of a rental, is it recommended for owners to paint themselves? Will a DIY approach help them secure the most benefit from repainting the rental property? Indeed, why do landlords even feel the need to paint themselves?

There are two reasons why landlords often feel like they can paint a rental property by themselves:

  • They assume house painting is easy
  • They are focused on how much they will pay for professional painting

But when landlords focus on these, they miss the point entirely. Property owners are right in trying to save money when painting a house. But they are mistaken when they assume that saving will come from painting it by themselves. This is because when they paint by themselves, Blue Mountain Management explains, property owners only save a small amount of money in the short term. But when they hire a professional they set themselves up to earn more money in the future. How does this happen?

How professional house-painting helps rental property owners

Professional house-painters are business allies who improve owners’ rental business by offering the following benefits;

Professional painters help owners choose the right colors

Colors affect people and alter their moods positively or negatively. Professional painters understand the psychology of colors. They can help landlords maximize the size, shape, lighting, and furnishing of a room. They know the latest design trends that tenants are looking for.

Professional painters know the right paint to use

The most important factors for how long interior paint lasts are paint quality and finish. The best finish is determined by how a room will be used and there are, at least, five types of finish. In addition to how a room is used, the material that is being painted also influences the choice of paint.

Professional painters deliver quality workmanship

When painting a house, the little things make all the difference. Things like mixing paint in the right quantities, maintaining a steady hand, and keeping the coat even across different surfaces. These are things professionals have mastered over many years of practice. Amateurs manage to get it right only after wasting a lot of time and paint. Professionals know how to tape edges and choose brush or roller to match surfaces being painted. They will not leave unsightly smears and smudges. These little things come together to make a house’ paint shine.

Professional painters save landlords’ time

House painting is only easy for people who have never done it. Painting a house is a methodical process made up of a series of steps. Many amateur painters do not know these steps. And even if they did, they would not have the patience or expertise to follow them. House painters follow a three-part process of; surface cleaning, surface preparation and, set up/painting. Sometimes, a fourth step, spraying, is added. Each step has its purpose and the steps are followed sequentially to ensure a good outcome.

Professional painters save landlords money

While landlords may think they save themselves money by not hiring a professional painter, the professional painter saves the landlord money in four ways.

  • They free owners to give time to managing those parts of their property business that only they can handle
  • They save landlords from spending money on future wear and tear that could have been prevented by a professional paint job.
  • They help property owners gain access to special deals/discounts on paint that they would never have been able to.
  • They save landlords money that they could have wasted on tools and equipment.

Professional painters guarantee their work

If the paint used in a house develops problems, the landlord has recourse, if he or she used a professional painter. The professional painting company is obligated to fix the problem at no cost to the house owner. But if the landlord hired an amateur or the painting was done by the owner, then the owners must pay out-of-pocket to fix the problem.



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