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Professional Holiday Light Installation by Kind Home Solutions

As we quickly approach Christmas, we are so thankful to all of our clients that chose to have their holiday lights professionally installed with Kind Home Solutions this year. If you are considering options for stringing up lights and decorating your home for the holiday season, we would love to help spread some holiday cheer with you next year! Professional holiday light installations are a wonderful way to check off that to-do with a multitude of added benefits.

If you’re wondering what to expect, stay tuned! This article will dive into some of the ins and outs of professional holiday lighting.

No Holiday Headaches

When I think of holiday lights I envision gleaming bulbs dotting rooflines, with trees and bushes wrapped up like presents. A joyous sight. 

Contrastingly…but still ever apparent with Christmas lights, is the frustration that unpacking, detangling, and repairing causes every year. And let’s be real, climbing that ladder and scaling your roof can get dangerous.  All that effort to end up with a somewhat lackluster display that never seems to live up to the vision in your head.

kind home holiday light installation on a roofline

With a professional installation, materials are brought to you, arranged where you want them with a customized design, and repaired whenever they need to be. Fast fixes and replacements are made whenever a bulb goes out or a wire fails. Each installation is non-invasive meaning that the integrity of your home is never affected and lights are easily situated with no damage. Scheduling is always flexible to you and projects are typically completed in under an hour depending on the scope. 

What about when the season is over? 

We come right back to remove and neatly store them for next year. No worries, no injuries, and your time is protected so you can get back to what’s really important this holiday season.

Special Sparkle

Not all LEDs are the same! Commercial grade lights certainly up the WOW factor in your holiday display.

We specifically use energy efficient MM5 strands and C9 bulbs in our installation to provide an extra umph compared to a store-bought string. They are visibly brighter with 3 or 5 diodes built-in respectively versus the 1 diode lights you may have picked up off the shelf.

With your preferences always front of mind, the lights are set on a timer to your liking so there’s no need to remember to turn them on and off or trudge out in the snow to plug them in.

A Spectacle That Gives Back

Photo of a home with professional holiday lights.

On top of all the glitz, we’re also committed to investing back into our community. This year we’ve partnered with A Precious Child to spread Christmas cheer in more ways than one. For over 166,000 children living in poverty in Colorado, the holiday season looks very different. Families of these children must forgo the wish lists for more pressing needs like running water and heat. The sentiment at the heart of the Precious Gift program through a Precious Child is “the simple act of celebrating each and every child, despite their circumstances”.

Through December 9th, 2022 each holiday light installation we provided was paired with a donation of a new toy to a local child in need. If you install your lights with us, you get to enjoy those twinkling lights and not only put a smile on a little one’s face, but also be a part of creating those fond memories that last a lifetime.

We hope this has given you an idea of what to expect from a professional holiday light installation and the benefits of investing in that service. You’ve got a lot on your plate, let us take care of those pesky bulbs.

Click HERE to learn more about professional holiday lights with Kind Home Solutions. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!




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