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Exterior painters at Kind Home Solutions strive to accommodate all painting projects with professionalism, honesty, reliability, transparency and quality work. Not your average exterior painters. We offer up to a 12 year warranty and our work shows it every step of the way.

Each exterior painter at Kind Home Solutions are dedicated in living up to our word. We never ask for payment until you are 100% satisfied, and our exterior painters never cut corners and ensure that the best materials, paint and painting process are used to ensure the 12 year warranty. Exterior painting is also more complicated then it may seem and is the foundation to a long lasting house.

Weather conditions can drastically decrease the life of your house with damages on siding trim and gutters. So, with a good exterior painting job it will keep your house in tact for many years to come. Your house is most likely one of your biggest investments. Keeping your house preserved well will save you money and give you a piece of mind. Finding the best painting service to do your paint job needs to be done. Especially if you want to keep you house lasting for years to come.

Again exterior painting must not be taken lightly and hiring a contractor that does not do the best work he can or use quality paint will ensure your biggest investment will not last very long. Use Kind Home Solutions and we will ensure you will have the best service that you can get 100% before you pay us anything.