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Expert Hail Damage Roof Repair and Restoration Services in Denver

Roofing Services and Hail Damage Restoration

If you live in Colorado you’ve probably experienced at least one hail storm before and the damage to your roofing they can cause, so you’ve probably needed a roofing service to perform some hail damage restoration previously.  We’re here to help with honest hail damage restoration specialists that will work with you to ensure your home looks better than new. Don’t live with roofing hail damage, call us today!

No Obligation Inspection

The first step after having your roof damaged from a hail storm is to contact your insurance so you can open a claim and get an adjuster out as soon as possible.  Don’t neglect to get an unbiased 3rd party inspection from a company that will work with your insurance company.

Transparent Roofing Repair Estimate

After contacting your insurance company, you will need to get a quote from a trustworthy company to provide to your insurance.  Choosing a local company is imperative to make sure you’re working with a local company that understands your roofing repair needs.

Professional Installation

Roofing is much more heavily regulated than things like painting so you will need an inspection from the city.  Even with that inspection you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best possible roofing installation with comparable or superior roofing products.

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Signs Of Roofing Hail Damage

If this is your first hail storm or if you’re just not sure whether or not you should call your insurance this should help!  As soon as you can take a look around your property and keep an eye out for the following signs of roofing damage from a hail storm. Pro tip: Take photos to show your insurance provider!

Missing Shingles & Dented Gutters

If you notice shingles in the yard, dented gutters, or asphalt granules in your downspouts then your roof is most likely damaged.  Asphalt roofs are the most likely to see damage from hail.

Pock Marked Paint & Shingles

This is the most obvious sign that you sustained hail damage.  It will quite literally look like someone has hit your home with golf balls.  Be sure to look at all 4 sides of your home as often only a couple sides will be damaged.

Damaged Plants & Vehicles

Top of the Line Roofing Service Products Matter: Malarkey & Owens Corning Shingles

We can all agree that dealing with the aftermath of a hail storm is not fun.  Although we can’t really make it anymore fun, we CAN make it so that you have to replace your roof far less often with top of the line shingles from Malarkey and Owens Corning.

  • Polymer Modified

    These are not your average asphalt shingles.  Through advanced technology you’ll see increased flexibility and superior granule adhesion.  This means your roof will most likely last longer than your neighbor’s…even through the next hail storm!

  • Save On Premiums

    With Malarkey shingles you probably won’t need to replace your roof after the next storm you see.  This is something insurance companies love and can save you big on your premiums.  We’re talking an average of 10-20% in savings!  Check with your insurance company for details.

  • Color & Style Variety

    Even if you do live in a strict HOA area these shingles are accommodating so there is a shingle to fit your home’s style.  Worried about getting HOA approval? We can help with that!  Just chat with one of our roofing specialists and we’ll help you through the entire process.

Why Kind Home Solutions For Your Roofing Service?

We’re Your One Stop Shop for Hail Damage & Roofing Services

One of the most frustrating things about hail (aside from the roofing damage and working with your insurance) is trying to coordinate multiple companies to do work.  We’ve streamlined this process with our roofing service to be able to assist clients with nearly every aspect of a hail damage claim.  Whether you’re just looking to have your roof replaced or you’re needing roof, gutters, or paint – we’ve got you covered. And if your house paint was damaged in the storm, we are exterior house painters as well so we can help with that.

The best part?  We’re a local company and we have specialized teams for each of these services.  That means we won’t promise you something and then rely on another company to deliver on that.  We do everything under one roof.

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