Revitalize Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Exterior Painting Services in Wheat Ridge

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable renovation solution for your home exterior?

With the help of exterior painting services you can give your home a facelift, which is an easy way to add character and vibrancy to your property. The right color choice can completely change the look and feel of your commercial or residential building, increasing property value and giving it an updated aesthetic.

You’re in luck; Kind Home Solutions offers professional exterior painting services throughout the Wheat Ridge area. 

Specializing in unique exterior finishes and professional application techniques, we will help breathe new life into your home while offering competitive rates.

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Professional Exterior House Painting in Wheat Ridge

Our professional exterior house painting provides your home with an eye-catching and vibrant look that you can be proud of. Not only does it bring out your home’s best features, it also increases its curbside appeal. You can enjoy inviting friends and neighbors over to enjoy your freshly painted home.

You never have to worry about unsightly streaks or improper preparation which is often encountered with amateur painting practices. We guarantee that your exterior will be as beautiful as the interior of your home.

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  • Wood staining and painting
  • Vinyl siding painting
  • Siding painting wood
  • Stucco siding repair 
  • Exterior wood staining 
  • Brick painting 
  • Painting work on all types of composite siding
  • Painting sheds, barns, garages, and guest houses
  • Painting decks and fences of all sizes
  • Painting pergolas and patio covers
  • Painting doors and shutters
  • Painting siding repairs

What is the Best Time to Paint a House’s Exterior?

The best time to paint a house’s exterior is in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun is not too hot. This will allow the paint to dry slowly and create a better bond with the exterior of your home. We will always work in proper temperatures and work around sun exposure to ensure proper curing. Additionally, painting on cooler days will ensure that your paint isn’t damaged by too much heat and moisture.  Avoid painting during months when there is a lot of humidity or snowfall, as those conditions can cause problems with the paint’s adhesion and durability.

Our Exterior Paint Process


Initial Walk-Through

Your project manager will touch base with you to go over the details of your project and work together to create a schedule that fits your needs.


Pressure Wash & Woodwork

Prior to painting we always provide your exterior with a light rinse to rid it of dirt and debris. This will ensure your exterior surface is clean and ready for a fresh coat of paint. Our team of technicians will also replace or repair any damaged or rotted boards before our painters begin their work. 


Exterior House Painting Prep

Our expert team will prepare your home for painting by removing any flaking paint and filling any cracks with caulk. This will create a smooth surface that will look fantastic once we begin the painting process.



Our crew always gives a nice coat of primer to any new woodwork, boards, or repaired areas to ensure the paint adheres really well. This is just one of the many measures we take to guarantee your home will look stunning when we’re finished with the painting.


Exterior Painting 

Your home is now shielded from the elements with a new and shiny coat of paint. It’s like giving your home a whole new look!



Your project manager will walk you through the finished product to ensure everything meets your standards and you’re absolutely thrilled with the outcome.

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Why Kind Home Solutions?

Kind Home Solutions is a leading exterior painting contractor in the Wheat Ridge area. We are known for our quality, professional services, and attention to detail.

Our experienced painters have the skills to bring your vision to life and make your project stand out from the rest. Dedication to customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from other contractors in the area.

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