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Are you noticing discoloration of your deck, patio, fence, or siding due to sun exposure and wear and tear? It’s time to give them some fresh staining.

Kind Home Solutions provides quality solutions with its commitment to excellence. Our painting and staining are one of the trusted services in Lafayette, Colorado.

What’s the Difference Between Staining and Painting?

Staining is a process in which a colorant penetrates surfaces like wood or concrete, allowing you to introduce colors and designs without concealing the material’s inherent texture.

This technique results in a long-lasting, durable finish. In contrast, painting involves applying an opaque layer of paint over a surface, effectively covering any pre-existing colors or textures and transforming the object’s appearance.

Paint generally offers better resistance to scratches and other forms of damage compared to stain.

The key distinction between paint and stain lies in their application: paint rests on the surface, while stain penetrates it.

When using paint, you’ll need to apply a primer first, but stain doesn’t require this extra step and stain typically only needs just a single coat.

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Different Types Of Staining

Exterior Wood Staining

Exterior stains come in three types: water-based (also known as acrylic), oil-based (referred to as alkyd), and oil-modified.

Water-based stains provide a wider range of color choices and dry within just a few hours, allowing for a speedy project completion. Additionally, they produce a milder smell and can be easily cleaned up using soap and water.

Deck & Fence Staining

Deck and fence staining is an important part of outdoor maintenance. Staining your deck or fence in Lafayette helps to uphold the quality and attractiveness for years to come.

Not only does staining protect your deck or fence from damaging UV rays, water penetration, mold growth, mildew build-up, warping, splitting, and premature aging; but it also brings out the natural beauty of the wood grain and makes the deck/fence more resilient.

Staining also significantly increases its life expectancy while adding value to your property. Therefore, investing in regular deck/fence staining will pay dividends in the long run: providing a beautiful look now, plus protection for the future.

Staining Services Cost in Lafayette

Staining services in Lafayette can range in cost depending on the scale of the project. Labor costs for staining and sealing depend mostly on the square footage of the space needing service and the complexity of the staining job itself.

Most professional companies provide estimates from an onsite visit or through a series of photos in order to give clients a quote with more accuracy.

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Benefits of Professional Staining

If you’re looking to improve the exterior of your home, you may want to consider professional staining in Lafayette.

Not only does it add beauty and value to any home, but professional staining also serves many practical purposes such as protecting outdoor surfaces and saving time on maintenance.

Increase Curb Appeal

One of the biggest benefits of professional staining in Lafayette is that it drastically increases the curb appeal of your home.

Your house will stand out from all others on the block with a beautiful, vibrant new coat of stain. Stain color options are typically based on natural wood tones to enhance, rather than cover up the natural colors. Colors available range from natural wood tones to bright and vibrant hues.

Professional staining adds a touch of style and elegance that can really make your property stand out from the rest.

Protect From Moisture

Stains provide a protective coating for decks, fences, siding, trim, and more by sealing out moisture.

Water damage is an expensive issue for homeowners if left untreated — not only will it decrease resale value, but it could also cause other major issues like rotting wood or unstable structures.

Professional staining prevents these problems before they start by creating a waterproof barrier between wood surfaces and moisture-filled environments like rain or snowfall.

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Low Maintenance Requirements

When applying professional stain correctly, you will find that there’s less ongoing maintenance required to keep up its appearance year-round.

Traditional paints require much more frequent attention to stay looking brand new after just one season outdoors.

Stained surfaces just need occasional power washing and touch-ups when needed compared to paint which needs constant attention throughout its lifespan due to fading or chipping color if left exposed too long without treatment– making it ideal for busy homeowners who don’t have time for painting multiple times a year

Cost-Effective Option

Unlike paint products that cost both time and money due to needing regular reapplications every few years, a quality stain application requires minimal expense last longer – perfect for budget-conscious homeowners who want something more durable than regular paint while still being able to maintain their finances easily!

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