Cabinet Painting Services in Arvada, CO  Give Your Home a New Look

Cabinets are an eye-catching feature in any part of your home. They make places like your kitchen stand out and add life to the space. However, getting new cabinets can be an expensive ordeal.

Because of this, many homeowners look to painting instead. Painting is a worthwhile investment, and it’s much more affordable than buying new cabinets.

If you’d like to rejuvenate your cabinets without breaking the bank, our cabinet painting services in Arvada, CO are here to help. Not only will you get a refreshed home on a smaller budget, but you’ll also get the skills, support, and expertise that only Kind Home Solutions can provide.

White kitchen cabinets
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Cabinet Paint Color Options

Kind Home Solutions provides a variety of colors to select from for your cabinets. We work with Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, so you’ll have plenty of colors to choose from. 

Choose from a variety of colors that you can mix and match to bring your dreams to life. Some of our most popular colors include:

● Modern white

● Light grays

● Deep cobalt blue

● Caviar black

● Tinted blues

● Blush colors

● …And more!

If we can’t find the color you’re looking for we can always perform a color match at Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore.

You can also adjust the shade with a finish to create your desired effect. After all, customization is a big part of enjoying your cabinet refresh and ensuring that it matches the rest of your home.




Kitchen Cabinets Painted White

Our Cabinet Painting Services

Not only do our cabinet painting services revitalize the look of your cabinets, but our work adds even more protection to the natural wood.

  • Color changing
  • Color Consultation
  • Custom finishing
  • Small Paint Projects 
  • Bathroom Cabinet Painting
  • Kitchen Cabinet Painting

A beautiful, customized cabinet — especially when it’s the focal point of the room — adds more value to your home and can be a great selling point if you want to move to another place in the future.

Why Choose Kind Home Solutions?

Our services are an affordable way to bring your cabinets to tip-top shape. You won’t have to worry about missing an essential piece or cleaning up afterwards with our help. We handle all the work from start to finish, so you can kick back and relax.

All you have to do is appreciate the cabinets once completed. Our painting method deviates from traditional painting, as we’ve optimized it to be as proficient as possible. You won’t have to wait for long curing times or grimace at uneven finishes.

We’ve grown our company by helping many homes and commercial establishments get the painting job they need. We’ve refinished many cabinets in Arvada, CO, and many trust us to do their cabinet painting work when necessary.

Our team is dedicated and passionate about our work, undergoing strict training and striving to improve the process for everyone involved.

We’re a licensed and insured company that aims to give you the best possible experience in Arvada, Colorado, treating your cabinets like we would treat our own. Contact us today, so we can make your cabinetry dreams come true.

Benefits of Cabinet Painting

1. Gives any room in your house a whole new look

When it comes to painting your cabinets, you have many options. You could go with a neutral color or one that’s more dramatic for an updated look in any room of the house–even if you don’t think there is space on top.

2. Increases the value of your home

Cabinets are a necessary part of any home, so it’s important to make sure they look their best when you’re selling. Painting all the cabinets in your house will give potential buyers peace-of-mind knowing that there won’t be an extensive remodeling project required which could add thousands onto the asking price.

3. Cabinet painting is more cost-effective compared to remodeling or replacing

If you want to save money in your kitchen remodel, painting the cabinets instead of replacing or removing them can be a much cheaper option. 

4. Cabinet painting is more convenient and faster to get done than remodeling

The time and cost of remodeling a kitchen is not worth it when you could just paint your cabinets instead. A week-long project takes less than three days with painting, which requires much simpler steps that won’t interfere with other important tasks.

5. You can customize cabinets by painting them

With the variety of quality paints available in today’s market, painting your kitchen cabinets is now customized to suit any design. There are even manufacturers made just for this purpose.

Our Cabinet Painting and Other Services

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so don’t you want to give it a fresh look? We’ve got experts who can paint any style for all those outdated cabinets.


We use a color that will not fade or crack your beautiful hardwood. We protect it against wear-and tear in any environment, so you can enjoy this durable beauty for years to come.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

Cabinet painting is an excellent way to breathe new life into your kitchen cabinets. We have seen countless customers transform their dated bathrooms with our high-quality paint jobs and will guide yours in no time! 
Your budget matters too – we offer competitive prices that won’t break it financially or physically, so rest assured knowing this decision was made for you by professionals who care about what goes on inside of every room.

Kind Home Solutions Cabinet Painting Process

Step 1: Prep

We need an enclosed area where our team can prep all the cabinets and paint them without creating a mess in other areas.

Step 2: Cleaning

We’ll take apart and clean every door, drawer or box for your project. It’s important to get any dirt off the surface area before moving onto step 3 so that when you’re finished with all our hard work (and there will be plenty), nothing is left behind but a beautiful finished product.

Step 3: Sanding 

We’re giving all of the doors and drawers a light sand to make sure they stick better after we paint them. We will re-wipe them down before moving onto step 4.

Step 4: Priming 

We always prep the surface with high-grade primer. This ensures that your paint will stick better, last longer and look its best for years. We’ll do two coats on top grade before moving onto anything else.

Step 5: Painting

The first coat of our high-grade products will be applied to cabinets, and it’s specifically designed for this application. We typically use Sherwin Williams’ Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel.

Step 6: Reassemble & Clean-Up 

You’ll be able to enjoy your new kitchen immediately after we’re done installing it. We take care of any messes from our installation, so you don’t have an excuse not use this space!

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