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Kind Home Solutions providing exterior painting at the most value possible in the painting industry. We treat every client with the best service and it is not to be taken lightly.

Your house is one of your biggest investments. When a exterior painting job is done right it can help preserve your house and keep it from damages long term. If done right will ensure that your house will last. Weather conditions in Colorado can be brutal. Take a exterior painting job with seriousness and you can ensure that your house will last.

This is the foundation to keeping your house in tact when severe weather hits. Exterior painting job will keep your siding, trim, and gutters together and keep your house happy.

At Kind Home Solutions we use the be paint, materials and best exterior painting process to live up to our 12 year exterior house painting warranty.

We never ask for payment until we are fully completed and you are fully satisfied. Kind Home Solutions offers free estimates and are very competitive to other exterior house painters that are trying to offer the same. We do the best possible work in the industry so we are not the cheapest paint company in the market. KHS is affordable regarding the value that we provide. We are cheaper then other companies that are trying to also provide the best possible service but not cheaper then a company that doesn’t offer this much value.

Get a free estimate today, our estimates are good for one calendar year after done.

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